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Cordova, TN; April 9, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is officially announcing that we are itching to get digging in Gardening Mama 2. The excitement level for the return of the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Famer Mama is very high. Gardening is one of those important life activities that men and women can enjoy. Parents teach children how to plant, and how to sow. Eating your own home grown food is such a special family activity. Gardening Mama 2 is only the video game representation of the real deal. It can be used to interest families in growing their own food.

I hope Gardening Mama 2 ignites a revolution among families. I hope there is a return by the majority of American families to grow and nourish plant life in their own areas. Plants produce oxygen which helps us humans live. Plants eat the carbon dioxide which is harmful to us humans. So planting, and growing helps us in other ways. Flowers look beautiful and provide curb appeal. They can also smell wonderful as well. I live in a house of all males, so I have to find the beauty wherever I can. I have to find nice smelling things wherever I can. Flowers are one of those things. My hubby and our boys respect the flowers I plant. They do not admire them like I do. That is okay. Flowers are my special plants. Gardening Mama 2 should understand that about me.

Gardening Mama 2 will appeal to the female side of the family. It is wonderful to see Majesco Entertainment continue to publish games from this series. They are improving the image of the entire video game industry. Gardening Mama 2 shows the rest of the world that video games are not all those bloody, gory, gross, snooze fest kill everything, be rude, be hateful, and be ugly. Gardening Mama 2 shows video games can be kind, considerate, caring, teach good lessons, be loving, be positive, be encouraging, be uplifting, and be nice. Which of those two does the Holy Bible teach us to be? Which of those two did Christ teach us to be like? The second list – the one with kindness, and love.

God bless,
Yolanda Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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