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Failures of the Wii U - Sports



Cordova, TN; November 5, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is taking a good look at the failures of the Wii U. Family Friendly Gaming is planning multiple articles in this series. The first failure of the Wii U we are looking at is Sports. Why have the sports games failed so miserably on the Wii U? Multiple third party developers have tried sports games on the Wii U. Those franchises did not earn sequels on the Wii U. Instead sequels to those franchises appeared on other systems like the Xbox One, and Playstation 4. New sports games are also appearing on the Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Not on the Wii U. Nintendo’s latest home console system has been left out. Why?

Family Friendly Gaming reached out to multiple companies who published sports games on the Wii U. A variety of questions were asked. The biggest question was why these sports games were one and done on the Wii U. After a healthy amount of time, and check backs, there were no responses. Family Friendly Gaming went as far into investigative journalism as we are allowed by the law. There is an eerie air of silence on this matter. The facts pretty much speak for themselves. It is always nice to receive official confirmation. Quotes showing some of the behind the scenes is also appreciated. Despite our best efforts we were stone walled.

Family Friendly Gaming went to the VGChartz website and compared totals of sales of the sports games. Madden NFL 13 sold 2.7 million on the Xbox 360, 2.4 million on the Playstation 3, 465K on the Wii, and 78K on the Wii U. It is pretty clear why the Madden NFL series was not continued on the Wii U. FIFA Soccer 13 did a bit better on the Wii U selling 182K. Nothing near what happened on the Xbox 360 (5 million), or the Playstation 3 (8 million). Also nowhere near the 658K of sales on the Wii. The PC even edged out the Wii U with 378K in sales. Similar results can be found on NBA 2K13. The Wii U sold 47K, the Wii sold 373K, the PS3 sold 2.3 million, and the Xbox 360 sold 2.8 million. The Wii U did beat out the PC with 17K in sales. The sales for Need for Speed: Most Wanted tell the same kind of results. The sales of sports games on the Wii U were horrendous.

Where does the blame lie? Do you put it on Nintendo? The third party developers? The gamers? The system itself? Where the blame lies for the failures of the Wii U is something that will be debated for some time. All that Family Friendly Gaming knows for sure is families into sports games are passing on the Wii U versions. They may even be passing on the Wii U itself. The lack of sports games on the Wii U is going to help this quirky little system onto its eventual death spiral. That is the end result for any system that can not produce good sales of sports video games.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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