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Arrowhead Game Studios is ruining Gauntlet



Cordova, TN; March 23, in the year of our Lord 2014--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is making an important statement about the recently announced Gauntlet remake. Arrowhead Game Studios is ruining Gauntlet. I did not understand why Family Friendly Gaming was not initially told about the new Gauntlet video game. I was informed it was going to be a macabre, and morbid rated video game. I did not believe it at first. A 'M' rating for a Gauntlet video game? That made no sense. Especially after checking the ESRB's website and seeing all these 'E' rated Gauntlet games, 'E10+' rated Gauntlet games, and a few 'T' rated Gauntlet games. So Gauntlet is going to move from 'E' rated to 'M'. That is one huge swing over the short life span of this franchise.

I believe this is a bad idea. I believe this is spitting on the tradition of the franchise. The market is already flooded with plenty of unrealistic, hack and slash, blood gore, wastes of time. Why be another dime a dozen? There are enough Diablo clones on the market. Families will not waste their time with Diablo. Why would they spend time, and money on a clone? Because it has the Gauntlet name on it? Families will be passing now. They will go: “Hey that is just like a Restricted movie, spend my money on something that is inclusive to more ages of the family.” Families are not leaving Gauntlet, Gauntlet is leaving families. It is sad to see. It is a dark day for the entire industry.

I used to be a Gauntlet fan boy. I used to love reporting on Gauntlet. Thanks to Arrowhead Game Studios I won't be playing any new Gauntlet video games. Not unless they come to their senses and return it to its true core roots. Arrowhead Game Studios is being rude, ugly and nasty to families. They are killing off the Gauntlet series. They are adding excessive blood and gore. Which were never a part of Gauntlet, and never need to be a part of Gauntlet. I hope there is enough time for them to correct this colossal blunder. I doubt they will listen. They are only listening to the extremely loud small hardcore hater gamer population. They have turned their back on families. There is no way families will support this abysmal direction they are taking the series.

I doubt the dwindling hardcore gaming population is large enough to support this game. Which means they will lose money. Will they listen to Family Friendly Gaming? Probably not. They will most likely blame the Gauntlet name. Not the fact that Arrowhead Game Studios ruined the franchise. Not that some closed minded person in a suit thought it was a good idea to do this. When Gauntlet fails, Warner Bros Interactive should take the money from that suit, and send it to Family Friendly Gaming. We have never steered them wrong before. If we are wrong this time, we will publish a story. Do you think they will send out press releases that the wrong direction they took Gauntlet cost them all kinds of money? Now it is up to you – our readers. Tell Warner Bros Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios what you think of their deeds.

UPDATE {04/01/2014}: Family Friendly Gaming is having an impact. The 'M' rating of the new Gauntlet reboot is no longer a certainty. It has not been determined as of yet. There is still hope that the final end product will receive a 'T' for Teen rating. Arrowhead Game Studios, and Warner Bros Interactive is listening to your input. Thank for all of your hard work in letting them know how you feel about Gauntlet in relation to macabre and morbid content.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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