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Cordova, TN; November 26, in the year of our Lord 2013--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is freely giving their Xbox One Impressions. This clunky large machine may be confusing to families who are not used to working with electronics on a daily basis. Everything about the Xbox One screams: “SLEEK,” on the menu screens, controller, and Kinect sensor. When the system is turned on it will recognize you by your profile if you walk within range. Two family members can be playing a game together and a third walks up. The Xbox One welcomes the third family member. This is pretty neat.

The Xbox One can be pretty oppressive though. One of my kids was having problems with their menu selection. I put my Xbox One controller down, and they handed me theirs. The Xbox One did not like this. It recognized that I had their controller and would not allow us to progress. This is a bad omen for those of us who like to hot seat games. Stopping us from playing this way is very aggravating. It stops parents from helping their kids. Speaking of children and their profiles. Microsoft demands a small donation they claim they will give to their favorite charity for parents to register a child's profile. The way around this of course is to set their birth date over the age of eighteen. Which then ruins any parental controls of the unit. Speaking of which we have still not found where those are.

The coolest thing about the Xbox One is being able to easily minimize the game you are playing and go into other areas of the system. Families can then easily get back to where they were in that game. Is the Xbox One worth the $499.99? No. This home console is a great upgrade from the Xbox 360. It really needs to come down a hundred dollars for it to be viable for families. The games are also too expensive right now. Be patient and prices will drop. Plus there will be even more exclusive games for families.

KID GAMER: It's freaky how the Xbox One recognizes you when you walk behind the couch and someone else is playing. I can also talk to it and tell it to turn itself on. That is really cool. My brother is a special needs child, and he needed my help with his controller but the Xbox One would not let me. I do not believe the Xbox One is friendly to people with disabilities.

YOLANDA: I froze my buttock off standing out in the cold for an hour to get an Xbox One. Microsoft should have sent one to Family Friendly Gaming. We have done millions of dollars of work for them. I was the only woman there and had to endure threats to my safety from people who came too late. The Xbox One is big, clunky, and heavy. The store told me they are not getting as many as they were promised. Microsoft has all kinds of people with money in hand trying to give it to them. Get those machines on store shelves. Oh and send me a check for helping you out.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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