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Will Fifa Learn from Last Years Fiasco?



Cordova, TN; September 14, in the year of our Lord 2013--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is pondering whether or not Fifa can come back. Let us be open, honest, and transparent. Fifa 13 was a fiasco. EA Sports opened a nasty can of worms with their soccer series that they should not have done. They had no need to spread sexual deviancy in one of their sports games. They lost the trust of millions of families all over the world. They offended millions more. All so they could appease a small group of extreme militant radicals. EA Sports tried to save face by claiming it was a “bug”. Few intelligent gamers actually believed that line. Fifa fell from grace, and lost the crown to the PES franchise.

Can Fifa come back? Will it learn from last year's fiasco? Will EA continue to alienate conservatives, Christians, those with morals, ethics, and a belief in traditional definitions? Will EA decide to support the shifting in the sand redefinitionists? Will EA decide that thousands of years of history, and billions of people are wrong? Will EA sink the Fifa franchise even further into the muck and mire? Or will it rise like the phoenix? Will EA be inclusive of family morals and values, or will it be divisive? Is there going to be a scandal again this year?

Fifa 14 has a lot to prove, and a very narrow path to walk along if it wants to reclaim the crown this year. Not only does it need to improve beyond Konami's PES 2014 sports game; it also has to try and scrub the stigma from last year. I talk to a lot of different families. Many of them do not trust EA Sports to do the right thing in Fifa 14. They believe EA tested the waters last year, and plans on shoving their extremists radical beliefs down the throats of everyone. They will not give the franchise any money because of that. EA Sports has to re-earn the trust of those families. Do they have the intestinal fortitude to do so? Or will they continue to chase after the arrogance of Hollywood?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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