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Why I stopped playing Dragonvale



Cordova, TN, April 19th, in the year of our Lord 2013 -- For ten months now I have had a love hate relationship with Dragonvale. I played this game almost every single day in that ten month period. I would play it five to ten minutes a pop. I might play it three times a day or up to eight times in a day. I bred every single dragon I could possibly breed. I had millions in the bank, all the islands, objects, and many of the eggs. I had all of my shrines at silver, and was working my way to gold. Every time Back Flip Studios added a new dragon I feverishly worked to breed it.

Something happened to me though – I started to question the point. Why was I playing this game? What did it matter if I had everything? They were going to add more constantly so why bother? Am I addicted to this iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game? That last question stopped me in my tracks. I had played this free app for months. I had only given them a few dollars for gems once. The endless nature of Dragonvale is what disturbed me. The time and way it got into my head frightened me. The pointlessness of it confounded me.

When I was playing the game for a review it made sense. There are a pile of games and apps awaiting my attention. Games that are being delayed because of Dragonvale. There are other more important tasks my brain could be focusing on. So I made the decision to stop. I decided that I no longer want to spend my time playing this game. I was frustrated with things not working, or taking up to forty-nine hours to complete. Yet there was also excitement when I finally got that new gemstone dragon. Especially when I spent over three weeks working on it.

I do not regret my decision to leave Dragonvale alone. In fact my biggest fear was I would not be able to quit. Thus far after a week I have not touched it. This article is the last interaction I hope and pray to have with Dragonvale. I deleted it off my device to remove any temptation.

- Paul Bury
- Family Friendly Gaming


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