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Why I Like Video Games Better than TV



Cordova, TN; December 27, in the year of our Lord 2013--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is broadcasting why they like video games better than television. The main reasons are control, time, value, and flexibility. When you watch a television station you are at the whims of whatever the broadcaster decides to show you. You watch their shows, their commercials, and they have all the control. Which is why DVDs are better than cable or satellite. You can sell back what you purchased. In a video game you control where your character goes. You control what levels, characters, and items are used. Video games have a set number of objects. Still you are in control of what happens.

Television is set up in thirty minute blocks. A show may be one hour – much less since it is infested with commercials. Movies can be two hours or longer. Many games can be played for five or ten minutes and put down. Families get more time out of a video game than they do our of any television show or movie. Which brings me right into value. The amount of money paid for television is extreme. How often do you say there is nothing on? Or you say there is nothing you want to watch. You keep paying that monthly fee whether you use it or not. Whether you appreciate those shows or not. With video games you purchase each game you want to play. You play it many hours so you get a better value for your time/dollar.

Home consoles generally have the same flexibility as television. You need to be in the living room to watch that television show. The Wii U is a major exception to that rule. Thanks to the Wii U Gamepad families can use the television for something else while playing that game. Hand held video game devices allow families to take their favorite games with them. Meaning on the bus, in the car, and more. A Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS are all portable enough to fit into a pocket. The PSP/PS Vita are a bit larger but can still be transported comfortably. Recent devices like the iPad will allow families to download certain shows (for a price of course) and watch them on the run. This is not live television though.

All in all I come down on the video game side over the television side. I can interact, have a better value, better time management, and its more flexible. What about you? Do you like to let others control things for you? Or do you like to be in control?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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