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Cordova, TN; July 02, in the year of our Lord 2013 - - Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is exploring the concept of walking away from video games. How often do you play video games? Do loved ones mention they think you have a problem? Have you had problems doing something in the real world because you were thinking about a video game? Have you gone from playing a game to reading about a game? Are video games all consuming in your life? Have video games become a false idol to you? Do you have an exit strategy for leaving the video game industry?

You can go to any work place in America and find a conversation about retirement. Many people from all kinds of walks of life are excited about the day they can stop working in their chosen field. A wide array of people stop their favorite hobbies for a variety of reasons. Injuries and age make some people stop playing a range of sporting activities. At church we talk about how wonderful it will be to praise and worship God in heaven. Computers break, houses are condemned, flowers die, shows end, governments are overthrown, etc. We see so many examples of things ending in life. What about video games?

As the industry preps for the next generation there is a growing discontentment with the directions the BIG THREE are taking it. Have you thought it might be time to get off this roller coaster ride? Just jump off the merry go round. Can you though? Could you actually stop playing video games? Or are you a complete slave to the industry? Are you so locked in that you can never free yourself without God's help? Have you even tried to go a week or a month without any video games whatsoever? They are so ingrained into our culture. Could you actually walk away? Are you strong enough? Are you brave enough? What could you do to make the world a better place if you put the controller down?

- Paul Bury
- Family Friendly Gaming


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