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Top Five Problems with Downloading Games



June 8, in the year of our Lord 2013 - - Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is exploring the Top Five Problems with Downloading Games. We all know the benefits of downloading games. We save space on cases, they cost less in many instances, and they are in one central location. What about the problems?

Lose it all
We had a SD card get corrupted recently. Or that is what the video game machine told us. So we had to completely reformat it to work with that machine again. We lost everything we had downloaded on it. We lost all of our game saves. We lost all of our DLC. Thankfully most companies are kind enough to let us re-download the games at no additional cost. Hopefully that trend continues, because having to pay through no fault of your own is aggravating. All those hours and all that time is lost. Families that have computers can plug the SD cards into them to back up the data. This is no help if the data loss comes from a hard drive in a home console video game machine.

Always deleting stuff to make room
Family Friendly Gaming is constantly having to delete games, apps, DLC and more to make room for new games, apps, and DLC. This maintenance takes time, and can delay the download of new games, apps and DLC. Some systems delete the saves at the same time, and others keep them in a different location. Either way there is only so much room on every single device. Eventually no matter how much memory you have – you will run out. There is nothing that will remind you of that game. If you do not think to re-download it later when you have room, it will sit in limbo forever. It is also not good for any memory device to download, delete, download, and delete. This leads to fragmentation of the memory devices. Which leads to the Lose It All.

Can't sell or trade your purchase
Family Friendly Gaming has been long time supporters of consumer rights. You purchase something then you own it. As long as you are not duplicating the device/game and selling copies then you should be able to modify your property to your heart's content. You should also be able to sell your property. Family Friendly Gaming does not believe in - “you are purchasing a license to use someone else's property,” when it comes to video games. You bought it, and you can sell it, trade it, or barter it. Too many video game companies are being greedy in terms of used video game sales. No other industry gets constant kick backs as consumers sell something they already purchased. Video game companies were fairly compensated the first time. When you download you can not sell that game, trade it, or give it away to a charity.

Only works on one machine
When you purchase a game from a download service, you can only use it on that machine. When you buy a retail copy, you can play that game on multiple different systems. You can borrow a friend's copy of a game for a time, and then give it back to them. When you download a game you have to give them your entire machine, and then you are out your machine. Most video game companies see this as a good thing because they believe it will lead to additional sales. Thing is many consumers are rejecting this concept, and just not buying the games that limit their freedoms and flexibility. Please note Apple allows purchased apps to be downloaded on multiple devices.

Out of sight out of mind
Family Friendly Gaming is filled with many visual people. We see a game case and it reminds us we need to work on a review for that game. When we do not see a game case then we are not reminded. In other words out of sight out of mind. To be fair when we see the game on the system when we bring it up (if we go to the right place to look), then we are reminded. Usually at that time though it means we are late on playing and reviewing something. Millions of families are the same way. If you leave tennis rackets out to be seen you are reminded that you want to go play tennis when the weather is nice.

- Yolanda Bury
- Family Friendly Gaming


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