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Now that DuckTales is coming back

Cordova, TN -- April 8, in the year of our Lord 2013 -- The exciting return of DuckTales made us scramble here at Family Friendly Gaming. We started looking at our wish list of other games we would like to see return. Good games that we remember fondly. Older games that we still play to this day. Please join us on this journey of the Top Five Franchises We Want to Return. Lord willing there is someone out there reading this article who can make these come true. Hopefully in the next year or two.


Most gamers can tell you about The Legend of Zelda. They can tell you all about Link, Gannon and Princess Zelda. Few can tell you about Crystalis though. This SNK home console game on the 8-bit NES (it was re-released on the Gameboy Color) was way better than the first or second The Legend of Zelda games. This bright colorful game showed gamers that deep plots could be put into video games. The post-apocalyptic world allowed for all kinds of creativity. Players went on a lengthy quest to save this world from an evil that has arisen.

Little Nemo The Dream Master

Capcom released Little Nemo The Dream Master back in the year of our Lord 1990. Since Capcom brought back DuckTales it is highly possible they will also bring back Little Nemo The Dream Master. This was also an 8-bit NES title. It is all based on a little boy dreaming, and this dream world. He is able to interact with a variety of different animals. These animals provide needed skills to progress through the game. Little Nemo The Dream Master is one of those games that filled gamers with awe and wonder.

Spiritual Warfare

Wisdom Tree is one of the most well known Christian video game developers and publishers in the history of video games. They also had the intestinal fortitude to take on Nintendo, and release their 8-bit NES games unlicensed (Note: they also released an unlicensed 16-bit Super NES game). Spiritual Warfare is a clone of the Legend of Zelda franchise. It is however one of the best clones in the history of video games. Gamers learned spiritual truths while having a good time in this action adventure home console game.

The Bible Game

Crave Entertainment took a chance with The Bible Game, and families have been thankful ever since. A return of this franchise would be absolutely huge. The mixture of amazing Christian music, party mini games, and quiz show questions proved Christian video games can compete in this industry. It has not been as long for this franchise as the others. It has been long enough for us though.


LarryBoy and the Bad Apple video games were absolutely awesome. Families have been clamoring for new VeggieTales based video games since then. There is tons of content that video game developers can use for a new VeggieTales home console and/or hand held video game. There are all kinds of different genres that VeggieTales can fit into as well. The possibilities are nearly endless.


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