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Cordova, TN; October 18, in the year of our Lord 2013--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is comparing Skylanders SWAP Force vs Disney Infinity. This might be one of the toughest calls and toughest comparisons we have ever run here at Family Friendly Gaming. It also may come down to personal preference. Fans of Skylanders may stick with it. Fans of Disney may stick with it. Most families have a budget and these games are not cheap. Few families have the ability to invest financially in both of these franchises. Which one is right for your family?

Skylanders has been around longer, and it is backwards compatible. That means you can play your original Skylanders, and Skylanders Giants on Skylanders SWAP Force. Separating the Skylanders SWAP Force characters adds an interesting dimension. There is a skill tree upgrade on the bottom half, and the top half. The upgradeable skills are pretty light, and soul gems have to be found to unlock the final skill. Skylanders SWAP Force has a long storyline with long levels. There are many different places two family members can go as long as they have the right elemental and/or skill types. Expect to swap inside a level multiple times to access everything. Skylanders SWAP Force is ultimately a hack and slash action adventure game with little diversity. The Arena is the one exception. The storyline in Skylanders SWAP Force is hilarious.

Disney Infinity has been out a few months and because of that the starter kits are on sale, and much cheaper. Normal price is about the same as Skylanders SWAP Force. The Disney Infinity characters are actually a few dollars cheaper right now which comes as a big surprise to Family Friendly Gaming. The same goes for the three packs. Players need the world and characters from that world to play Disney Infinity. Which means the Toy Box mode is the only place two families members can play unless you have two characters from that exact world. Disney Infinity is much more open world with missions to complete. There can be a variety of different missions. Ultimately they feel pretty simplistic though. There have been multiple new free downloadable maps for Disney Infinity. Something we do not see Skylanders SWAP Force doing.

So which is better? Which one should your family invest in? If price is the issue then go with Disney Infinity. Or wait for Skylanders SWAP Force to come down in price. If you want a lengthy funny story then go with Skylanders SWAP Force. If you like to create your own worlds then go with Disney Infinity. Ultimately it comes down to what you want to do. Which of those game play styles and options are more important to you. There are things I like about both franchises, and there are things I do not like about both franchises. I am declaring Skylanders SWAP Force vs Disney Infinity a tie. Too close to call at this time.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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