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Skylanders SWAP Force vs Disney Infinity Revisited



Cordova, TN; December 31, in the year of our Lord 2013--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is revisiting Skylanders SWAP Force vs Disney Infinity. Have things become clearer with time? Is it still a draw? Or is Family Friendly Gaming finally willing to declare one of these massive franchises better than the other one? Read on to find the answer to that question and more. It took tens upon tens of hours of play and replay of both Disney Infinity and Skylanders SWAP Force for complete impressions to emerge. Initially it was too close to call. But now Family Friendly Gaming is finally willing to declare one franchise better than the other one. This call may shock you.

The third generation of Skylanders includes swappable characters. The top and bottom halves can be given special power ups and skills. But this is pretty limited. The various elemental types are still present. Activision added in some swap force base types. These open up sections of levels that amount to mini games. Expect to swap numerous characters to collect everything in any given level. Skylanders from the first and second games work marvelously in Skylanders SWAP Force. They can even level up to level twenty now. There are few reasons to buy many of the characters from SWAP Force though. The game can easily be beaten with characters from the original and Skylanders Giants. Our desire to purchase new characters was diminished by this. After beating the game there is battling with friends, score mode, and speed mode.

Disney Infinity started slow. The initial game worlds were really similar. Yet as the months have come and gone Disney Interactive keeps releasing more and more Playsets (Toy Story, Cars, The Lone Ranger). They are also releasing new maps that are free to download and play. New characters have been released that thrill families like Wreck-It Ralph, and Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey. Toy Box sets like Frozen have also made it to market. We can not go very far or very long without something being added to Disney Infinity. It keeps growing and expanding. Major expectations are in the air for Phineas and Ferb coming to Disney Infinity in April 2014. Family Friendly Gaming Nation is itching to play as Agent P. Disney Infinity shows no stagnation.

We are completely done playing Skylanders SWAP Force. The characters will sit in a bin until the next game comes out. We keep going back to Disney Infinity. We keep creating our own maps and submitting them. We play new playsets, and toy box sets in Disney Infinity. What we did not know initially is the staying power of Disney Infinity. Disney Interactive has supported this product beyond anything we could have ever imagined. They have plenty of franchises and characters they can add in going forwards. Disney Infinity could literally last for years. New Playsets continue the game in meaningful ways. So ultimately Family Friendly Gaming put Disney Infinity ahead of Skylanders SWAP Force.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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