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Should Sony Stop Making Hardware?



Cordova, TN May 20, in the year of our Lord 2013 -- It is always interesting to hear someone say Nintendo needs to get out of the hardware game. Usually it is followed with what a flounder the Wii U is. Many years ago there were calls for Nintendo to step down when the Nintendo 64, and the Gamecube were less than stellar performers. Two flops in a row meant that company should go third party. At least that was the logic applied by many in the gaming media, and of course the niche hardcore gamers. What about a company that has had three flops in a row?

Who has had three hardware flops in a row? Sony. The Playstation Portable was a flop. The Playstation 3 was a flop. The Playstation Vita was a flop. Three straight failures. Three straight machines that came in last place. It has been a long time since Sony was at the top in the video game industry – in anything. They have sat in the cellar like proverbial loser baseball teams for many years now. Where is the cry for Sony to step down and go third party?

Can Sony finally start to turn things around with the Playstation 4? Is this their last shot at success before the plug is finally pulled on the Playstation brand? The majority of industry analysts Family Friendly Gaming consulted all agree – the PS4 is not looking very good. In fact all those putting chips down, are putting them on Microsoft and their next Xbox home console. When Nintendo had past home console failures they had the hand held market to keep them afloat. The Nintendo 3DS is keeping the Wii U above water. Sony does not have a successful hand held to keep them going.

Sony has some of the hardcore gamers behind them, and of course their loyal fanboys. But they need to reach the mass audience. They need to reach families. Thus far they have done nothing to interest families. Sony's message to Family Friendly Gaming has been received loud and clear. They do not care about families. They are only interested in reaching a niche audience. That marketing strategy is going to lead them to their fourth straight failure. Can they survive a fourth straight flop? The Playstation 4 may be Sony's last chance at a piece of hardware. They may go the way of Sega after the Dreamcast.

- Paul Bury
- Family Friendly Gaming


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