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Cordova, TN; September 13, in the year of our Lord 2013--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games realized that Pokemon Gets Wacky. The inclusion of the Mega's, and Pokemon Bank has Family Friendly Gaming Nation scratching their head. What exactly is Game Freak thinking? Greed is the only answer that makes any sense. After all Nintendo is bound to make money off of Pokemon Bank. They can hide behind server costs all they want. But Nintendo is not known for giving consumers a really good deal. They take forever to lower the prices of their older games. Forget about lowering the prices of newer games.

The one cool part about Pokemon Bank is there will be a free trial. Which means if you purchase the game near launch, you can set it up, and transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2, and Pokemon White 2 at no additional charge. The down side to this is you need to pay full retail price. That means you will not be able to wait for a price drop, and use the free trial. Nintendo is manipulative. The other cool part is Nintendo is promising this service will work with future Pokemon games. Consumers will need to support Pokemon Bank for that to come true. If Nintendo starts losing money on it – they will cancel the service.

I find the Mega's to be very lame. Nintendo was rather vague about how that happens. I know they like gamers to play hundreds of hours trying to figure it out. Which makes me ask: “Why can't they make these things easier to understand?” It is all marketing, and back to that manipulation. I also suspect it is control. Nintendo is known for their control freak nature. If you are playing their game, then you do not have time for games from other companies. Which is why Pokemon has been so slow to catch up with other franchises in so many areas. Which might be why the franchise is in decline. Could the moves being made mark the end of the series? Will Pokemon X and Pokemon Y be the last time we see Pokemon? The recent wacky moves are doing nothing to help.

God bless,
Kid Gamer
Family Friendly Gaming


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