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Cordova, TN, Feb. 20, in the year of our Lord 2013-- Sony has been teasing some important announcements would come out of Playstation Meeting 2013 on February 20th, in the year of our Lord 2013. Rumors were the Playstation 4 (PS4) would be announced. The rumors were correct. Sony made this announcement in a long, and very glitchy online presentation. There were some people in live attendance but it was dark and difficult to tell who they were.

The glitchy presentation started with a video of Playstation history. From the first Playstation, to the PS2, and finally the PS3. It was a rah rah moment, showing how awesome they feel they are. Andrew House came out to talk about the Playstation Vita (PS Vita). He bragged on how powerful this little hand held is. He did not address why the PS Vita has been such a flop in terms of sales. He then touched on Journey and unique Playstation experiences. He talked about how the Playstation becomes more powerful each and every system.

The PS4 is going to be developer led, and consumer inspired. You will be able to stay connected to your system while you are away. With the press of a button the system can be put into a sleep mode, and where you are in a game is kept in RAM. Andrew claimed they are the leading authority on Play.

Mark Cerny came out to discuss the Playstation eco-system. It is obvious at this point that social gaming, and cloud gaming is going to be a part of the PS4. Wait for it. Mark talks about how connected the world is, with so many interactive devices. He wants nothing to be between you and the game. He reinforces the “for developers,” concept. He goes over the specs of the machine – sort of. He shows the controller and talks about the share button and the touch pad. Looks like a PS3 controller just with a few modifications. There is a sensor bar that the controller works with. He gives us a live demo and we get some more Star Trek speak in terms of the specs.

Knack is shown, and it shows how many different objects can be moved around at once. The game looks and feels lame, but the technology is impressive.

Sony has five key concepts they want to focus on now:

These five are gone over in some detail. There is still obviously a lot of room for interpretation. Social and Integrated make sense, and are pretty clear. They want to let you connect with friends while you play games. If your friend buys a game, the PS4 will let you know so you can also make the same purchase. A nice way to freely advertise.

David Perry from Gaikai comes out and he wants to talk about the Playstation Network (PSN), cloud gaming (told ya'll it was coming), and Playstation Plus. The PS4 will have Gaikai on it – crickets were chirping in excitement. The new PSN will be where gamers are central. Buy only what you want. Buy only the games you love. The system will learn your preferences and tailor towards your likes. Facebook and Ustream will be a part of this new system. He wants a social gaming network.

Spectate is a new feature that was brought to light, and is very interesting. Thanks to the share button you can send pictures of video of the game you were playing. Friends can even see your screen while you are playing. If you are really stuck you can ask a friend to beat a level, boss, whatever for you. Developers will have access to Spectate and can watch you as you play. If you are really good they can decide to make you a director so you can make changes to the game. The big brother is watching concept here is really freaky.

Remote play is then covered. Lets say that someone else wants the television set while you are playing on the PS4. No problem, just transfer your game over to your PS Vita. That is if you own a PS Vita. This could easily kill one of the big selling points of the Wii U. A demo of this was shown with Knack. Sony wants to push their Video and Music Unlimited services. They also hope to have all PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on the Cloud. Nothing was mentioned about price here. Do they expect gamers to pay twice for the games they purchased on those old systems?

Michael Denny came out from Worldwide Studios to introduce a gentleman from Guerilla. He showed off a disgusting lame game that was offensive on so many levels. Then we finally get a decent game for families – Drive Club. This will be a racing game that is team based. Challenges can be issued from smart devices to others all over the world in the game. The social aspect is pushed hard for Drive Club. What if you want to play alone though? What if you do not want your children connecting with strangers online? None of that was addressed. Drive Club has a first person perspective for the racing game. Other camera angles were not addressed.

A Sucker Punch representative came out with another anti-family game. Then there was a mention of Indie games. Jonathan Blow the inventor of Braid came out. He talked about his new puzzle game The Witness. This game looks awesome. There should be 25 hours of game play in The Witness. Everything in this world is there for a reason. They condensed as much as they could so there was no rehash in this open world.

David Cage came out to discuss how to get players emotionally involved. He chronicled how many polygons were on each system, and what the PS4 will have. He showed an elderly gentleman's head and showed how his face would exhibit different emotions. We got it Sony, this new system will be powerful.

Alex Evans came out with a few language issues. He talked about recording your dreams. He discussed the problems they had with being creative and designing things. He then announced they loved the PS Move controller, and were going to marry it with the PS4. AWKWARD!! He showed an interesting demo of the game. It is unclear how this new game from them will work. How simple will it be?

Now we get into the partners Sony has for the Playstation 4. Yoshinori Ono from Capcom came out to discuss the past Capcom has had with Sony, and the future. He showed a demo of a questionable game for families. There was violence in this medieval game with a dragon attacking a knight. Working title of Deep Down. Hopefully it does not go into macabre and morbid territory. Next up was Yoshihisa Hashimoto from Square Enix with a bloody, and violent demo. Shinji Hashimoto also mentioned a new Final Fantasy game for the PS4 that will be shown at E3 2013. Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft came out to show an anti-family game that was first shown at E3 2012. Chris Metzen Blizzard Entertainment came out to crash the Sony party. Chris explained their console roots, and the anti-family game they will bring to the PS3 and PS4. Chris also joked about taking over the world now that they are with Sony. Activision came out with an anti-family game from developer Bungie.

Finally after this extremely long, and glitchy presentation there are bringing it home. They are going over their concepts again. They say it will be out by Holiday 2013. Is that Christmas? Thanksgiving? Boxing Day? Fourth of July? Labor Day? Saint Patrick's Day? Which holiday Sony? Sadly Sony had very little for families to be excited about. It looks like (yet again) they are going full tilt towards the hardcore gamers. Hopefully in the coming months there will be some news to remotely interest families in the Playstation 4.


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