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Cordova, TN; August 23, in the year of our Lord 2013 - - Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is analyzing controller issues on the Personal Computer. For decades console gamers and PC gamers have debated which control scheme is the best. It comes down to personal preference and lifestyle choice in my book. Some families enjoy a keyboard and a mouse. Other families enjoy the controller. The Wii brought motion controls to the table. Kinect turned your entire body into the controller. So how does the mouse and keyboard stack up to motion controls? What about your entire body as the controller?

I purchased a console like controller for the Personal Computer. It does not have the same look and feel as a controller on the home consoles. With one exception – the OUYA. The PC controller I purchased is way better than the OUYA controller. The problem with the console like controller on the PC is the games. Not every game accepts this mainstream controller. Not every game will work with it. Which makes the purchase meaningless and forces me to use the keyboard and mouse control scheme. Which is a failure for me. I understand it takes extra effort to program multiple control schemes on a PC game.

On a home console developers only need to program for one or two types of control schemes. Which makes it easier for the developers when it comes to creating video games. It also makes it easier for us gamers. We have one uniform control scheme we are accustom to. I do not need to find some patch so a controller works. I do not need to worry about the controller never working with a game. Instead it just flows. I know long time PC gamers love WSAD. It is just not my thing. I need a controller, and games that will work with it.

- Yolanda Bury
- Family Friendly Gaming


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