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Microsoft Reveals Xbox One



Cordova, TN; May 21, in the year of our Lord 2013 12:00 Noon – Microsoft reveals their upcoming system. It will be called Xbox One.

Larry and Tina started us out and show us the Microsoft campus.

They talk about putting you into games, they are going to change entertainment. You will have a relationship with your TV. Now tons of different people cite an array of opinions.

Don Mattrick comes out. He wants to put you at the centerpiece. A History of Xbox, and Xbox Live is given. Then Xbox 360 and the HD era. Finally with Kinect you became the controller. Nearly eight years later the Xbox 360 leads industry in sales. They are proud to be a leader in this 65 billion dollar industry. Can we take what you love and make it better?

All in one System. Simple. Instant. Complete.

XBOX ONE was shown, new Kinect sensor was shown. New controller was shown. It will be Cloud Powered, and continuously improve.

Yusuf Mehdi comes out to show how to interact with Xbox One. Say: “Xbox On” and it turns on system and TV. Recognizing the user, and brings up your own home page. It knows what you were doing last, and brings that up. Trendy shows that your friends are into. Get you straight to TV – “Xbox Watch TV.” Instantly switch between game, TV, and music was shown. New control gestures. Shrink screen was shown, as well as bring it back up. Very simple. Then there were some technical difficulties.

Marc Whitten comes out to talk about the hardware. Console, Kinect, controller, Smartglass, and Cloud will make up Xbox One. 5 Billion Transistors, 8 Gig Ram were some of the specs shown. Modern powerful box for now and the future. How they marshal the power is important. Three operating systems in one: Xbox, Windows, and the Third swaps between them. New Kinect sensor is even better – two gigs per second to see you. Read your heartbeat now. Xbox controller has had 40 updates. Smartglass lets your tablet or smartphone work with Xbox. Your devices work in harmony, and much faster..

New Xbox Live will take your current membership. It will be more powerful, and more intelligent. 15K servers power Xbox Live now. Xbox One will have 300K servers for it. Everything will be in Cloud. Dedicated Cloud DVR to save your game play sessions. Living in persistent worlds.

Andrew Wilson comes out to talk about EA Sports on Xbox One. Games should be intelligent, connected, dynamic, and fun. Fifa 14, Madden NFL 25, NBA Live, UFC are the games he will talk about. EA Sports Ignite is a new system they are coming up with. Blur the line between real and original. Athletes explain the differences between players. Creating human like experience is their goal. Ten times more animations. Crowds will impact the players. Daily new content on Xbox Live. Games were shown.

Phil Spencer comes out and talks about franchises. Forza Motorsports 5 is shown. Looks really good. Available at launch, and more info to come at E3. Cloud games that change based on the community. Effects of time and weather on the environment will be seen in games.

Remedy past was provided. Quantum Break – probably not family friendly. One families will want to pass on.

Fifteen new games at launch of Xbox One, and eight are new franchises.

Nancy Tellem comes out and talks about her past at CBS. She believes Xbox One will change TV. She thinks Xbox will become the new water cooler. She referenced Halo.

Bonnie Ross came out and droned on about Halo. Talked about storytelling. Brings in Steven Spielberg on a large video. He plugs a Halo TV show. Not a family friendly franchise though.

Back to Nancy and she talks about live sports. NFL video is shown. Don and NFL commissioner talk about Xbox One. Fantasy league status on the screen while watching live games. Love fest between Microsoft and the NFL.

Don is back and he keeps plugging NFL on Xbox. Thanks us for attending.

Launching Xbox One around the world later this year.

Leaves us with a world premiere of Call of Duty. Not a family friendly franchise normally.

Eric Hirshberg comes out. They didn't want to do the safe thing. He wants to do the right thing. So maybe he will point people to God. Nope. He brings up Call of Duty Ghosts. Video is shown. Another non-family friendly game. He shows the difference between last game, and upcoming game. Finally another non-family friendly video to watch.

All in all Microsoft had more for families than Sony did in their reveal.


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