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Not All Video Game Role Models are Bad

Cordova TN – FEBRUARY 8, in the year of our Lord 2013 – You do not have to go far to see how bad the image of the gamer is. The lazy lay-about who is so self absorbed he can not even do chores for his parents, or spouse. The worthless screw up who can't get a simple fast food order correct. The hate mongers on message boards who attack anything good, clean, and decent. The school shooter that murders countless others because he was trained to do so thanks to violent video games. The media loves to show gamers as some of the dredges of society. There are plenty of video gamers who reinforce those stereotypes too.

There are definitely those gamers who repeat the bad role models in the industry. There are also good role models in the video game industry. The ones that few media outlets report on. There are characters like MAMA. Majesco Entertainment took the family gaming scene by storm with Cooking Mama. Here is a wonderful role model for girls and women. She cooks, she gardens, she babysits, and she goes camping. She does all of these with and for her family. She teaches girls how to cook, do a good job, be careful, and help others.

Mama shows there is no shame in keeping house. She shows it is a lot of hard work to keep a house going. Mama shows how much diversity and excitement there is in cooking. She exhibits how to take care of a baby. Mama relays the joys of gardening. She trains us in how to be efficient in all areas of housekeeping. Mama reminds us how wonderful it is to spend time with our families. Mama shows the important role women play in the family and the home.

The next time someone talks about the horrible lessons video games teach, and how they are destroying the youth of America – bring up Mama. Tell them about a traditional lady in video games who is purposely reinforcing good traditional family values. Ask the media why aren't they giving Mama the same amount of coverage they give the bad video game characters.



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