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Konami Pre E3 Show



June 6, in the year of our Lord 2013 – Konami had their Pre E3 Show. This is pretty much a pre-planned video where they show off a couple of games. TomoYuki Tsuboi – CEO leads things off. He points out that Konami turns 40 this year.

He goes on to plug Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Editor. This game encourages kids and adults to be more active. Partnerships wit Dance Dance Revolution Classroom are referenced. They are combating childhood obesity.

He promises to introduce cutting edge technology to the industry. They want to bring joy and fun for the next forty years. So did THQ before they went bankrupt.

Social Games Studio and John Coligan are up next. He references Dragon Collection, MLB Dream Nine, Puzzle Chasers, Independent Development Studios, Domo Jump, and MLB Live Challenge. From there he references Orange County Development Studio and gambling games. Gambling has torn apart way too many families.

PES 2014 is now up. This is the big one for this show, and the one families will be most interested in. The new game engine – fluidity is referenced. He also goes over the six elements - from the recent press release. So really nothing new here, except the video. Oh and the game is looking good.

Hideo Kojima is up next. Metal Gear goes even darker than before - as if that were possible.

Avi Arad brought up Kiefer Sutherland as the voice of snake. Another bloody, violent game that is going to hurt the image of the industry.

More macabre in a new Castlevania game. David Cox mentions they go even darker than before - noticing an anti-family trend here. Wow great back to back anti-family games that will hurt the overall image of the industry. We get a disgusting video at the end. Pass on it, you can thank Family Friendly Gaming later.

Finally a thank you from the CEO, and plugs for their social sites.


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