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Cordova, TN; April 23, in the year of our Lord 2013 -- Every so often I get an email, or meet someone at a trade show that asks why do we ignore the 'M' rated games. There are a plethora of reasons to do so, one of the most prominent is I support gaming that is inclusive, not exclusive. By its very nature a game that is seventeen and older only is excluding a large percentage of the family. They are exclusive games that contain content children should not be exposed to.

Children and younger teens are being told by the secular gaming media the exclusive games are cool. That is what you aspire towards. I disagree with that molding of the gaming population. Instead I believe we should promote, encourage, and uplift the inclusive games. Video games that all ages can play. Video games that families can enjoy together. Video games that bring us together instead of the ones that divide us.

It astounds me how much sharing, and selflessness is found in the inclusive games. Not so much with the exclusive games. I find my attitude is better after playing with others in an inclusive game. I am happier, and more interested in serving others around me. Inclusive games remind me to put others before self. The majority of the gaming industry is inclusive games. They do not get the same amount of press, which is another reason I am writing about them.

I love spending time with my wife and children. I enjoy playing games with them. It is one of the ways we can fellowship together. So it is great when we find inclusive games that all of us can enjoy. There are plenty of companies out there that happily provide inclusive games too. Families all over the world appreciate their hard work, due diligence, and steadfast focus on the dream of inclusive games. What inclusive games have you found that bring people together?


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