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Five Xbox Live Gold Failures



Cordova, TN; December 4, in the year of our Lord 2013--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is lamenting the Five Xbox Live Gold Failures. They are Payment Problems, No Error messages, Monkey With It For Hours, Never Get It Working, No Prepaid Debit Cards. This all came up from our attempts at Family Friendly Gaming to set up Xbox Live Gold during the Black Friday sale – where Xbox Live Gold was twenty dollars off for an entire year. Many hours were spent on this endeavor and ultimately it wound up being a futile waste of time. Why would we want to go to Xbox Live Gold? Because Microsoft is moving everything that direction. Little can be done on the Xbox One without paying additional money per month.

Payment Problems
Paying for Xbox Live Gold is a major pain. Microsoft has a very narrow limited scope on what kinds of payments it will accept. We had money on the Xbox 360 from cards we purchased in stores. The money was there, but Microsoft denied us the ability to spend it on Xbox Live Gold. It would not accept my pre-paid debit card. It would not accept our Paypal account – which would pull directly from a bank account. We authorized that in the Paypal account. We do not believe in credit cards, and refuse to get one. That seemed to be the main payment Microsoft wants to get paid from.

No Error Messages
I tried multiple different payment methods to purchase Xbox Live Gold over the Black Friday weekend. I selected confirm on the screen, and the system thought about it for a minute and went back to the advertise screen for the Xbox Live Gold sale. I thought at first it had completed the transaction. I checked for payment and did not find it. I checked for an email that the transaction had been completed and again nothing was there. The video game system did not tell me there was a problem. I had to do extra work to try and find out it had not worked.

Monkey With It For Hours
Paul and I both monkeyed with Xbox Live Gold for hours. Neither of us could get it working. We verified this, set up that, and spent many thankless hours trying to give Microsoft money. I know we are media and they should just give us Xbox Live Gold. By the same token they should not be constantly turning down families who are trying to give them money. Microsoft did not pay us for all of the hours we spent trying to set it up. We should get compensation for all of the time, stress, and resources we expended on it. At least you – our wonderful readers can attain an educational experience that may even be entertaining.

Never Get It Working
There is something that happens to a human being when they waste all kinds of time, money, and resources on something; only to face complete failure. The image of what they are working with and on takes a dive. The reputation of the product starts to slip and slide down that slippery slope. Personal accounts of problems from so many others comes up to the surface. An agitation and an irritation set in. A lack of interest in ever trying again is realized.

Lack of Flexibility
I pay for our online purchases with a prepaid debit card. Microsoft must have something against them since they denied us that kind of a payment option. After multiple tries I actually found teeny tiny writing on the screen letting me know they would not accept my money. It would not accept our Paypal account because we did not have the money sitting there. It would not accept money in our Microsoft account that we usually use to purchase games. This lack of flexibility from Microsoft is crazy. We tried to pay them in multiple ways and they refused all of them. We will not get credit cards. If I can muster the energy I will consider looking for a Xbox Live Gold card that I can purchase at a store. I am concerned that won't work too – since Microsoft has been such a problem with all the other payment options. On top of that we are out the sale price since they stressed us out so badly we had to stop. Microsoft gave me a nasty migraine. They did not offer any compensation for the pain they caused either.

God bless,
Yolanda Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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