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Electronic Arts E3 2013 Press Conference



Cordova, TN; June 10, in the year of our Lord 2013 – EA had a press conference to show off their upcoming games.

Trailer for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare was shown.

John Vechey comes out to announce Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare – a third person shooter. Going to Xbox One first and then Xbox 360. One families may want to avoid.

Vince Zampella comes out to talk about Titanfan. A video is also shown. A game families will be steering clear of.

Frostbite is discussed.

Star Wars Battlefront is shown.

Need for Speed Rivals is shown in a trailer. Gameplay demo is shown next. It starts as single player and ends as multiplayer.

Aaron Paul comes out to talk about the Need for Speed movie. Behind the scenes trailer is shown, as well as the release date in 2014.

Aaryn Flynn from Bioware comes out. He references Dragon Age Inquisition. Shows a trailer. Looks like one families will want to avoid.

EA Sports trailer is shown. Andrew Wilson comes out to talk about the future of EA Sports, and Ignite. Human intelligence, true player motion, and living worlds are all discussed.

NBA Live 14 is rapped about. Sean O'Brien, and Kyrie Irving come out to talk about dribbling. They bring up bounceTek. NBA Live 14 trailer for Xbox One and PS4 are shown.

Cam Weber talks about Madden NFL 25 for Xbox One and PS4. Player Sense, War in the Trenches, and improved graphics. Adrian Peters is on the front cover. A new trailer of game play is shown. A player prayer is shown as well. Pretty cool.

Time for Fifa. Fifa 14 trailer, and players talking is shown. Drake comes out to talk about soccer and Fifa. Matt Bilby comes out.

Bruce Buffer comes out to announce Drew Wilson, Dana White, and two UFC champions. Not one for families.

Patrick Bach and Magnus Troedsson come out to talk about Battlefield 4. Another ultra aggressive and violent game families will avoid.

Video for Mirrors Edge was shown. Very anti-family.

Final thank yous. Families get some sports games but thats about it.

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