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Easter Break with the Nintendo 3DS



Cordova, TN -- April 2, in the year of our Lord 2013  – This Easter break, countless families across the country will gear up for trips with the kids. Parents can turn an average getaway into an entertainment experience for the entire family. The Nintendo 3DS presents on-the-go fun with a variety of entertainment offerings including Nintendo Video, Nintendo eShop access, and of course, hours of gameplay. Not only can players check out the latest releases on their handheld but with the Nintendo 3DS’ wireless capabilities, they can even download new games from the Nintendo eShop during pit stops to play on the road.

Or maybe your family has already taken an Easter break trip. Streetpass is one of the Nintendo 3DS features I like to use when I am traveling. I meet all kinds of interesting people from all over the world through my Nintendo 3DS, and they are given the opportunity to join the Family Friendly Gaming Nation. I love going into my Mii Plaza and seeing what new friends have arrived.

You know what I hate about taking trips? Keeping track of all the different bags with all the different devices. The camera is in this bag, and the portable DVD player is in that bag. The camera on the Nintendo 3DS is really cool. It can take 3D pictures. How many of your high end cameras do that? Plus thanks to the 3DS I can leave the camera at home.

If your family has more than one Nintendo 3DS then ya'll can play many games together. The local Wi-Fi allows family members close by to enjoy the same game. Long car trips can ease by when the kids are happily playing the same game together. They may not even want to participate in that pit stop, but we all know they need to put the game down and interact with the real world. Otherwise they are going to ask for a bathroom halfway to the next stop.

Many families tell us they are concerned about the 3D impacting the eyes of their children. It is really easy to set up a passcode that is needed to turn the 3D on. That way they can enjoy these games without having any negative effect on their developing eyes. Those with migraines also appreciate the ability to turn off the 3D. Demos of many games are also available.

Please note not all videos and games are age appropriate.

Here are some games Family Friendly Gaming suggests your family take a look at:

101 DinoPets 3D

Cooking Mama 4 Kitchen Magic

Crosswords Plus

DecaSports Extreme

Family Tennis 3D




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