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Family Friendly Gaming is giving away ten codes to World Gone Sour


Cordova, TN April 20, in the year of our Lord 2012 -- Family Friendly Gaming, The Voice of the Family in Gaming has a major surprise for our readers. We have been provided five free download codes for World Gone Sour on the Xbox 360 (XBLA), and five free download codes for World Gone Sour on the Playstation 3 (PSN). Would you like a free code for this game?

You have seen all the coverage of World Gone Sour that Family Friendly Gaming has provided. And now you think you can handle this Capcom created candy filled home console title. You want to play with Creed from The Office. You want to stop the evil candies. You want to get to the end of this intensely difficult game. You are ready, willing and old enough to play this 'T' rated title. You have one question - what do you have to do to receive a free code?

Email your first name, birthdate, and system (XBLA or PS3) to SoundOff@FamilyFriendlyGaming.com. The first five that ask for a XBLA code will receive it. The first five that ask for a PSN code will receive it. As long as you are at least 13 years old. An Internet connection is needed to download this game to your machine, as well as enough memory to house it.



{UPDATE 2012-04-21 7pm CST}: All PSN/PS3 codes have been given out. There are still a few XBLA/Xbox 360 codes left.

{UPDATE 2012-04-22 7am CST}: All codes have been given out. There are no more codes available.

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