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Cordova, TN; March 16, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is bringing to the light of day a very interesting tactic by certain companies. What is the tactic? It is their failure to respond. Certain companies like Nintendo and Microsoft have failed to respond to the charge they are, have been, and continue to discriminate against Christians. If the charge were untrue they would want to set the record straight right? They should want to address the facts, and address their past misdeeds correct? Yet month after month goes by, and they continue to be mum on the topic. They find time to address less important topics. Why is that?

We have gone over this at Family Friendly Gaming for hours. Researched philosophy, psychology, behavioral sciences, and more. The only intelligent conclusion we can come to - is they support discrimination against Christians. Which should come as no surprise since they have quickly run to defend those supporting sinful behaviors. What bothers me personally is their hypocrisy and double standard. As well as how they discredit themselves with their double speak. They say things and have no intention of actually following through. When they are called on the carpet for breaking their word, they get silent, petty, shallow, and show their true bigoted nature.

As long as we still have freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, and freedom of the press in America; I call upon all Christians, and all people who care about freedom to tell Nintendo how you feel. Tell Nintendo and Microsoft that you want them to stop discriminating against Christians. Tell them you will not be treated like a second or third class citizen. Tell them you will not sit at the back of the bus. Tell them if they want your money they will issue an apology and immediately correct their course. Tell them every opportunity you get. Fill out surveys, post, tweet, email, and call. Let them know that enough is enough. Tell them you expect immediate action. It is sad in America that one deviant can get quick action, and it takes millions of Christians to get them to budge even a little. When you are done with that, add them to your prayer listing. Spread the word to all your family, friends, churches, synagogues and more. Together we can effect change.

God bless,
Family Friendly Gaming

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