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Sonic Prime Season Three 


Thanks to some of our viewers of our live streams I found out that Sonic Prime Season Three dropped. This person told me they had already finished viewing the entire season. My initial thought was man they really spent some time watching the entire season. Then I watched Sonic Prime Season Three and found out it can be watched in a few hours.

There are only seven episodes in Sonic Prime Season Three. The episodes range from twenty-two minutes to twenty-six minutes. The average seems to be twenty-three to twenty-four minutes. See how someone can easily progress through this mini season? There will be spoilers in this review of Sonic Prime Season Three. Sonic and Shadow are working together to save this Shatterverse against Nine.

The betrayal from Nine is really messed up in Sonic Prime Season Three. Nine is so selfish in Sonic Prime Season Three. Nine takes the shards and starts to build his own world. The problem is all of the other worlds are being destroyed and consumed. The power is also a bit much for Nine. Green Hills is completely destroyed in Sonic Prime Season Three. Sonic tries to save as many of the others as he can.

Sonic Prime Season Three eventually winds up in a big battle between the main characters from all the other worlds, and Nine's robot versions of them. There is even a giant Big the Cat robot in Sonic Prime Season Three. The Chaos Council works with the others to get the shards back. They wind up betraying everyone at the end. Sonic is the missing piece of the shard that will save the worlds.

Sonic sacrifices himself in Sonic Prime Season Three to save what is left of the other worlds. In the end Shadow must rush Sonic back to Green Hills to save his life. The end of Sonic Prime Season Three puts us back into the battle from the first episode of the first season. Sonic makes a better decision and Shadow takes the shards away so Eggman cannot get them.

Sonic Prime Season Three ends with some big baddie coming to Green Hills. Sonic and his friends are getting ready to fight off whomever that is. I suspect there will be another short season coming up at some point. As of right now the first three seasons of this show feel like a normal one season of a television show from the past.
- Paul


Video: 69%
Audio: 80%
Replay/Extras: 58%
Functionality: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 73%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: Marza Animation Planet
Rating: ‘TV-Y7’ - SEVEN and OLDER ONLY {Fear}

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