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Urban Flow 


I am thankful we were given a digital download code for Urban Flow on the Xbox One. I played Urban Flow on the Xbox Series X. Urban Flow can also be found on the Nintendo Switch. Urban Flow is very simple in concept. We control the traffic lights in 150 levels in Urban Flow. We must avoid cars smashing into one another. This might sound really simple but some of the intersections in Urban Flow are extremely devious. There are also things like ambulances that cannot wait long.

If we make traffic in one area wait too long in Urban Flow they will just go. It is like the drivers decide the light is broken and they go right into traffic. Other areas require perfect timing in the merging. We do earn power ups as play Urban Flow. We can slow traffic, use hearts to fix accidents, and more in Urban Flow. We can play Urban Flow in Endless, Chill, Party, and more. Families can have some fun keeping traffic flowing and safe in Urban Flow.

Urban Flow looks okay and has some blocky looking vehicles. The crashes have both vehicles vanish very quickly. That way traffic can continue on. Some vehicles will slow down and wait to avoid an accident whereas others will smash into one another. Trains and trams are the worst in Urban Flow. There are instances where I cannot tell if a vehicle will go straight or take a turn since they can do either from a light. This can be frustrating when I am trying to get to that three star rating.

The music in Urban Flow is jamming. I really got into the music when I performed a video recording of Urban Flow. If you fail a level you can just retry. I did notice the vehicles could behave differently when I played it the next time. There are patterns that are discoverable in many of the levels in Urban Flow. I like how Urban Flow kept throwing in new monkey wrenches. Like one button controls multiple lights. At times things got really crazy in Urban Flow.

I had fun playing Urban Flow on the Xbox. I felt bad it took me so long to get to this game. Sadly that is our current reality. I have a day job that pays for all of the work Family Friendly Gaming does. We constantly help a plethora of companies make all kinds of money. Sadly that does not equate to any kick backs, bonus, sponsorships, or advertisement to us in 99.5% of the cases. I wish the industry had more heart, caring, and compassion for those of us that work hard to help them make these massive profits. I hope there is a physical copy of Urban Flow at some point in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 75%
Sounds: 85%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Nintendo Switch/Xbox One
Publisher: Baltoro Games
Developer: Baltoro Games
Rating: ‘E’ – SIX and OLDER ONLY {Mild Fantasy Violence}

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