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It only took me two nights to watch the entire Space Force Season 2. How did I watch Space Force Season 2 so quickly? Well there are only seven episodes within Space Force Season 2. Each episode is around half an hour so you can see how easily someone can breeze through Space Force Season 2. I am more disappointed with Space Force Season 2 than I was with Space Force Season 1. There will be spoilers in this review.

Space Force Season 2 could have been so much better if there was not so much profanity. I did not count but it felt like every tenth word was a profanity. At times the same profanity is the only word used for a bit. It is honestly exhausted to watch Space Force Season 2 because of the horrible bad language. Sadly the bad language is not all that is offensive and highly divisive within Space Force Season 2.

Space Force Season 2 hits on almost every single woke radical far left mentality that continues to divide America in two. Some other issues with Space Force Season 2 are promotion of sexual deviancy, encouraging gender dysphoria, encourages rebellion, attacks Christians, white people, men, and more. There are so many points within Space Force Season 2 that I was like: "really, you have to say that?"

Space Force Season 2 is a classic example of how Hollyweird has the opposite values as the majority of America. Why can't these audio visual learning shows that hide under the guise of entertainment reflect American values or at least leave that entirely out? There are some humorous moments in Space Force Season 2. Like after the American and Chinese general make an agreement. The Chinese general falls face first into a chair. Or when General Mark R. Naird (played by Steve Carell) tries to use chop sticks.

There are also sad moments within Space Force Season 2. During the prank episode General Naird thinks he is being pranked with divorce papers. Sadly they are real, and it is such a horrible moment. Not only is his wife (who is still in prison) divorcing him, but he broadcasts it to the entire building. I think Space Force Season 2 was trying to be funny but it was such a horrible moment that I felt for him.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 30%
Replay/Extras: 30%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 30%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: Netflix
Rating: ‘TV-MA’ - Suitable for Mature Audiences Only {Language}

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