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Sonic Prime Season Two 


I noticed recently that Sonic Prime had another season come out. Although to be honest the first season felt like half a season. Sonic Prime Season Two feels like it sort of finishes off that first season. In other ways Sonic Prime Season Two does not feel like it completes the season concepts either. There will be spoilers in this review of Sonic Prime Season Two. I am still interested in the storyline in this television show.

I could not find an official version of Sonic Prime Season Two in the physical copy format. I did find someone on eBay and Etsy selling a physical copy of the first season. However I think it might be bootleg or pirated. I hope Netflix sells season one and two together in the physical copy format very soon. This is the kind of a show I would like to own a legitimate physical copy version.

Shadow finally catches up with Sonic in Sonic Prime Season Two. Sonic learns of the major damage he did as well as what happened to their world. From there it is a battle with the Chaos Council for the shards. Nine assists the Chaos Council and Sonic when it suits him. Shadow does not trust Nine in Sonic Prime Season Two. Sonic thinks Shadow is being paranoid and not trusting.

There is some cartoon violence within Sonic Prime Season Two. There are eight episodes in Sonic Prime Season Two that last between twenty-two minutes and twenty-five minutes. There is quite the cliffhanger ending at the end of Sonic Prime Season Two. Sonic and Shadow are able to fight off the Chaos Council to give Nine time to get the shards aligned properly. Nine takes the shards back to his world to try and make his world into what he wants it to be.

Sonic Prime Season Two still feels really short to me personally. I wish there were more episodes in a season. Especially when it takes them so many months to release the next season. The main world gets restored for just a minute in Sonic Prime Season Two too. Nine proves he is not the Tails that Sonic knows. Shadow was obviously right in Sonic Prime Season Two.
- Paul


Video: 70%
Audio: 80%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Functionality: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: Marza Animation Planet
Rating: ‘TV-Y7’ - SEVEN and OLDER ONLY

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