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Nexomon Extinction 


Many days I am playing a video game and I am all notes on this, notes on that, look at what is coming up next. There have been few video games in recent years that catch my attention and drew me right in. Nexomon Extinction drew me in immediately. The storyline is what sucked me in so quickly. We are the bad guy that messed over some people ala Darth Vader style. Then we go back in time to when we started as a Nexomon tamer at the orphanage. Why did we do that? What led us to that point? This is where Nexomon Extinction caught my interest.

I know what many of ya’ll will say when you see the cover and screenshots of Nexomon Extinction. This is yet another Pokemon clone. Yes Nexomon Extinction is a Pokemon clone. Thing is it is so much more. The fantasy world with tyrants, trainers, the guild and more is what makes Nexomon Extinction so interesting. Yes we have all kinds of different Nexomon that are different types. Yes there are type advantages and disadvantages. Yes we have squat looking little characters that go into shaking grass to fight wild Nexomon. We also have a little cat companion that does a lot of the talking for us in Nexomon Extinction.

The issues families will have with Nexomon Extinction are violence, bad language, evolution, and more. Nexomon Extinction had an opportunity to be less controversial and divisive with the words used to explain monsters changing into more powerful forms. Nexomon Extinction sadly failed families there. Nexomon Extinction breaks the fourth wall a bit too often. At first it was funny. As Nexomon Extinction continued to break the fourth wall it became more and more cringy.

I hope you enjoyed the live streams I performed of Nexomon Extinction. I wish I had more time to play Nexomon Extinction even longer. Sadly there are a lot of products awaiting my attention. If you missed the live streams then please check them out in the videos section of the Family Friendly Gaming website. It will give you a good look and feel for the game.

I enjoyed the music while monster collecting, taming and battling in Nexomon Extinction. I also enjoyed the different side quests within Nexomon Extinction. We can earn some really great items by taking care of those side quests for the NPC characters in Nexomon Extinction.
- Paul


Graphics: 70
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: Nintendo Switch/PC/PS4/Xbox One
Publisher: PQube
Developer: VEWO Interactive
Rating: ‘E10+’ - TEN and OLDER ONLY
{Fantasy Violence, Language}

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