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MLB The Show 23 


Hopefully you were able to watch the live stream of Noah and myself playing MLB The Show 23. Noah had been playing MLB The Show 23 for weeks at that point. That live stream was my first time playing this sports video game. I have played other sports video games in the past. I have played other games in this franchise before as well. Due to a concern over copyrights we turned all of the music off for this game. At this point I am not even sure why these video game companies are paying for music in their games since they cannot be played in live streams and we generally turn them off anyways due to offensive lyrics in too many songs. I noticed the heavily industry worshiped ESRB missed that yet again. How is that anyone has any respect for them?

MLB The Show 23 looks nice and it plays well if you pay attention to the controls. Noah had some issues since he was spamming the button and he needed to press it at the right point. I had slightly different controls that let me hold the button before throwing it to a bag to try and get a runner out. I tried to explain this to Noah but his temper tantrum shield was up. We keep instructing him to deal better with adversity.

There are plenty of teams to play with in MLB The Show 23. We can even play a season or a franchise with a ball club. The cool thing we found in our live stream is we can pick two different teams and a completely different city to play in. I like how the different stadiums look in MLB The Show 23. Commentators can be helpful at times. I noticed the commentators were tied to the stadium the game is in. So for example I had Tampa Bay, and Noah had Toronto in our game. We played in Boston. The announcers talked about Boston as if they were the home team when Boston was not even playing.

Batting and pitching are generally decent in MLB The Show 23. I ran into issues getting a pitch to go at times. I would select a pitch, select a location, and press the button. Nothing happened. I had to press the button multiple times sometimes to get the pitcher to throw. Batting is mainly about timing and deciding if you should swing at the ball or not. At times I would place the ball as the pitcher in the lower right hand corner going away from the batter. The pitch went to the upper left hand corner toward the batter. Batters can be hit with the ball in MLB The Show 23.
- Paul


Graphics: 93%
Sounds: 78%
Replay/Extras: 89%
Gameplay: 79%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%

System: Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: San Diego Studio
Rating: ‘E’ – SIX and OLDER ONLY

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