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Hidden Strike 


On one of the movie nights for me and the boys I decided to pick Hidden Strike. All I knew about this movie that lasts one hour and forty-three minutes is it starred Jackie Chan and John Cena. I thought that is a very interesting combination. I had visions in my head of what could happen in that kind of a movie. Hidden Strike hit all of those high notes and more. It is like this movie made sure to play to the strengths of both of the stars. There will be spoilers in this review.

Jackie Chan plays "Dragon" Luo Feng in Hidden Strike. John Cena plays Chris Van Horne in Hidden Strike. The plot is a bit on shaky ground for me. The Chinese are sending in their elite unit to save their people at an oil refinery in the desert. They are abandoning this major facility because they are being attacked by rebels. The main bad guy actually works for this company and is trying to steal all this oil.

Chris Van Horne joins his brother in a raid to get this professor so they can turn it back on. They need her code and some device to plug into the equipment. Why the security measures if they are leaving this area anyways? Why not try to defend this area against the rebels? Hidden Strike left me with some plot questions that made little to no sense to me. There is plenty of action in Hidden Strike.

The issues families can have with Hidden Strike are violence, blood, lack of attire, sexual comments, bad language and more. Things get really disgusting in the bloopers that show at the start of the credits. There are funny moments within Hidden Strike. How did Chris survive that cliff near the end of the movie? How did the three of them get off the middle of that cliff in Hidden Strike? Hidden Strike attacks and insults Americans multiple times.

The John Cena versus Jackie Chan fight scene is exactly how I expected it to be. Jackie uses his martial arts and improvisation to do some damage. John uses his power and overrides many of the attacks. Many of the flips do not work because John Cena can just use his strength and power to stop it. Jackie Chan also has a great foam fight in Hidden Strike. I never know what kind of a fight Jackie Chan will have in his movies.
- Paul


Video: 60%
Audio: 60%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Functionality: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: XYZ Films
Rating: ‘TV-14’ - FOURTEEN and OLDER ONLY {for fear, violence}

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