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Cobra Kai Season 2 


I am thankful I had the money to purchase Cobra Kai Season 2. This show has gotten so interesting that I purchased Cobra Kai Season 3 on DVD. Yes I know I can see it on Netflix. I always prefer the physical copy version of any form of entertainment. This show really escalated in the tenth and final episode. It started fast and got more intense until the end.

The issues families will have with Cobra Kai Season 2 are bad language, blood, theft, violence, promotion of sexual deviancy and more. There is a real cringe moment that everyone was like - we do not need that. Hawk tries to get back with his girlfriend and it turns into a vomit inducing moment. There is a very violent accident near the end of Cobra Kai Season 2 as well. SPOILER ALERT! A huge brawl breaks out at the school.

Cobra Kai Season 2 likes to talk about the competition between Johnny and Daniel. Thing is Daniel never lives up to his own teachings. He goes and steals students after Miyagi-Dojo is vandalized. He even tries to pick a fight with Johnny. His students pick up on this and do the same. For example Chris attacks an opponent with a book after losing a fight. Cobra Kai Season 2 makes a big deal out of Tory using spikes in a fight but Miyagi-Do students and their sensei are no better.

Johnny offers Kreese redemption in Cobra Kai Season 2. Sadly it winds up biting him in the end. Kreese is true scum in Cobra Kai Season 2. Johnny and Daniel can come to some mutual understanding here and there in Cobra Kai Season 2. There is an important lessons taught in Cobra Kai Season 2. That lesson is that showing mercy to an opponent is honorable but a mistake. This lesson is drilled into the viewer over and over again.

Hawk is shown as a bully at times in Cobra Kai Season 2. I noticed Demetri is constantly trying to pick a fight with Hawk. In many ways Demetri and Hawk remind me of Daniel and Johnny from the Karate Kid movie. I really hope Hawk will finally shut up Demetri’s hateful mouth at some point in the future. There is plenty of humor within Cobra Kai Season 2. The characters have really grown in their roles and are very interesting.

SPOILER ALERT! In the last episode of Cobra Kai Season 2 Robby (Johnny’s son) injures Miguel (Johnny’s best student) really bad from a fall from a balcony. This is right after Miguel shows Robby mercy and apologies for kissing his ex-girlfriend Samantha. Samantha and Robby are dating at this time. Miguel is dating Tory (Miguel’s current girlfriend). Do you see how convoluted it gets? - Paul


Video: 60%
Audio: 60%
Replay: 65%
Functionality: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: DVD/Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: YouTube Red
Rating: ‘TV-14’ - FOURTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Language, Smoking}

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