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Castlevania Season Three 


After watching the first two seasons of Castlevania I knew better what to expect from this show. Castlevania Season Three does all it can to be worse than the first two seasons. Please be aware there will be spoilers in this review. Thankfully there are only ten episodes in Castlevania Season Three. It takes two hundred and seventy minutes to watch Castlevania Season Three from start to finish. I have zero plans of watching this show again - ever. I believe this show could have been so much better without so much gross content.

Human life has little value in Castlevania Season Three. From the judge that kills off people he does not like with a pit near an apple tree to a mage that enslaves an entire town. Isaac one of the forge masters has a very low opinion of humans and tells the audience over and over again. He stabs people and turns them into demons. Or the demons somehow possess their bodies and take complete control. I am not sure which. Whatever it is - is it bad, dark, ugly, and nasty. He is one of the “heroes” in Castlevania Season Three.

The issues families will have with Castlevania Season Three are blood, gore, violence, magic, bad language, enticement to lust, nudity, sex outside of marriage, sexual deviancy, pro alcohol, and more. Castlevania Season Three attacks Christians multiple times. There are even lies about Christians in Castlevania Season Three. The monks serve a demonic creature because it spoke to them in their minds. An entire town is sacrificed to a demon so a doorway to hell could be opened. Why do that? To bring Dracula back to our world.

Alucard gets two apprentices who are obsessed with moving Dracula’s castle. They wind up betraying Alucard and dying for it. Alucard starts to behave a bit more like his dad Dracula after that. Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades hunt down night creatures and settle in a town for a bit. I honestly expected Trevor and Sypha to get married and have some kids. The Belmont line continues and those two make the most sense. Alucard starts to lose his mind early in Castlevania Season Three.

The storyline in Castlevania Season Three is way too predictable. They can’t have nice people or nice things in this show. There are predators and there are prey in Castlevania Season Three. Sometimes a predator thinks another predator is prey and pays the price for it. Hector the other forge master winds up a slave at the end of Castlevania Season Three. He thought life was turning around for him. He does not know Isaac is hunting him.
- Paul


Graphics: 20%
Sound: 30%
Replay: 25%
Gameplay: 30%
Family Friendly Factor: 20%

System: DVD/Netflix
Publisher: Warner Bros
Developer: Viz Media

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