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Stranger Things Season Four 


The cracks are starting to show in the wall of the Stranger Things franchise. Netflix may be getting lots of viewership hours but I have a feeling this show is starting to decline. Why do I say that? The same theme and storylines are being used over and over again. Stranger Things Season Four feels a lot like the previous ones. There will be spoilers in this review. We get some cool new characters in Stranger Things Season Four and they are killed off. We also are always connecting to whomever the big baddy is in Dungeons and Dragons.

Stranger Things Season Four touches upon the Satanic connection with the D&D games. I remember that period quite well. There were some people who were totally unhinged based on the game. The mobs attacking them is something I never saw or heard of. This is Holly Weird after all so sticking with reality and truth is not something they are known for. Even when they are representing a specific era of history. There is a lot less 80s in Stranger Things Season Four sadly. Which is another crack in that wall showing this thing is going down.

The issues families will have with Stranger Things Season Four are violence, blood, death, gore, bad language, horror, lack of attire, enticement to lust, sex outside of marriage, promotion of sexual deviancy, psychic powers, and more. Vecna is a totally gross looking dude reminding me of Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. The horror elements of Stranger Things Season Four run deep. There are not many scare moments though. There are plenty of gross out moments like when characters bones get broken and their eyes gouged out.

The episodes in Stranger Things Season Four are much longer than previous seasons. It takes 778 minutes to watch Stranger Things Season Four from start to finish. Each episode is over one hour at least. The ninth and final episode within Stranger Things Season Four is two and a half hours long. It took me longer to watch Stranger Things Season Four than any of the previous seasons. A lot of what happened in Stranger Things Season Four felt like it dragged on though.

Eddie Munson is the leader of the Hellfire Club that plays D&D. He is also he local drug dealer. A local cheerleader comes to him for drugs. Vecna kills her and Eddie gets blamed. We learn some of the past from Eleven, as well as her connection to One. Those memories were suppressed. Hopper is alive in Russia and in a prison. Joyce goes on a mission to save him and bring him back to the States. Stranger Things Season Four ends with the Upside Down starting to invade our world. Vecna (One) is still thought to be alive. I would have thrown more fire at him personally.
- Paul


Graphics: 45%
Sound: 45%
Replay: 65%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 45%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: 21 Laps Entertainment, Monkey Massacre
Rating: ‘TV-14’ - FOURTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Fear, Language, Disturbing Images, Gore, Smoking}

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