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You guys know how we complain about being forced to take tutorials in too many modern video games? Stargate on the Game Gear is what happens when there is a complex system and no tutorial. Stargate expects the player to have some clue as to how to play this game. It took me multiple attempts to figure out what to do. I still was a bit perplexed by a few things in this retro hand held video game.

Stargate has a Tempest look to it, but we are not shooting things coming up at us. Instead we are dropping blocks down into this pit like Block Out. At the top of the screen are symbols. I first thought I had to make a Stargate with those symbols. Sadly I kept getting symbols that did not match the top. I then learned if I stacked three of the same symbol vertically they would go away. At times another pile would just grow. I never understood why. This is what really perplexed me about Stargate. Maybe it is because I was in battle mode.

The modes within Stargate are Skill Mode, 1P Battle Mode, 2P Battle Mode, Music (on or off), Mode (easy or hard). If you enjoy figuring out retro video games then Stargate might be for you. I had to put quite a bit of time and effort into testing things just to progress to the point I did. I still was not capable of beating the computer controlled characters. What symbols the player gets on the tiles seems completely random. This can be a major pain when you are trying to stack things up and win.

I enjoyed the music in Stargate while I played it on the Game Gear. The font used in the text can be difficult to read. I got the generally idea of what was going on since I have seen the original movie, television shows, and the movies that followed the show. The symbols in Stargate are on the strange side. It was neat seeing pictures of characters from the original movie in Stargate.

Graphically Stargate looks okay. It is an interesting puzzle video game that definitely has major promise to it. The idea behind this kind of a puzzle video game is pretty neat. I just wish Stargate had decided to explain how to play the game. What do the symbols on the top of the screen have to do with anything? Matching in Stargate should have more fanfare because it is not always apparent the player removed some tiles. I feel I got my moneys worth out of Stargate on the Game Gear. This game is an interesting piece of gaming history families can enjoy.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Game Gear
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Probe
Rating: ‘K-A’ - Kids to Adults

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