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Star Trek Picard Season Two 


Another television show I was able to watch on Paramount+ thanks to the free month from Xbox Game Pass was Star Trek Picard Season Two. I was waiting patiently for the prices to become reasonable on this season for DVD. Might as well use the Paramount+ service while we have it. I may or may not purchase a copy of this show on DVD in the future. There is plenty of bad content and tons of confusion surrounding this show. Expect plenty of spoilers throughout this review.

The episodes in Star Trek Picard Season Two range from TV-14 to TV-MA. Some episodes are considered okay for fourteen year olds and others require seventeen and older. Does that mean the entire season of the show would be at the higher rating? That is how I think it would go. I am no expert on this topic though. I write articles and reviews where I give my experiences and my opinions based on the solid and true system God put forth for all humans to obey or disobey.

The issues families will have with Star Trek Picard Season Two are violence, blood, lack of attire, enticement to lust, sex outside of marriage, sexual deviancy, stealing, lying, racism, and more. The Borg enter Federation Space and tries to take over the fleet of ships. Picard self destructs and they die. Q intervenes and puts them into a different timeline where humans conquer other species. The Borg Queen is going to be executed so Picard and his motley crew save her to travel back to our time.

Star Trek Picard Season Two is so hateful about our time, culture and people. Expect the same radical preaching from the radical left on race, environment, homelessness, and more. I notice that they offered no solutions to any of these problems. They want us to believe they magically fixed the mentally ill no longer living on the streets and somehow paid for it. They solved drug addiction and abuse somehow and they still have free will. How did they do this? Every single time we try to apply radical far left ideaology it fails. President Biden has been a great example of failures of the liberal ideas.

Q is dying in Star Trek Picard Season Two. The Borg get a new Borg Queen that wants to work with the Federation. Her whole goal of taking over the fleet is to make a giant shield to protect life from a new transwarp conduit that appears and shoots massive energy out as its first act. Star Trek has lost a lot of logic over the years. The new Borg Queen hints at some nefarious plot behind this new transwarp conduit.

A lot of Star Trek Picard Season Two is actually about Picard and his parents. I loved his dad by the way. We find out in Star Trek Picard Season Two that Picard has all this guilt around letting his mentally ill mother out of the room she was locked in. She went and killed herself a bit after that. Picard blames himself. That is why he can't love. So at the end of Star Trek Picard Season Two he can love again at the ripe age near 100. Took him long enough. I thought they were from this enlightened future.
- Paul


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 55%
Replay: 65%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%

System: Paramount+
Publisher: Paramount
Developer: CBS Television Studios

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