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Star Blazers #0 


Peter and I were at one of the local comic book stores here in Memphis, TN and he pointed out the Star Blazers #0 comic book. It was originally sold for $2.95 but was on sale in a bag with a back for $1.00. I fondly remembered the Star Blazers cartoon from when I was a child and decided to make the purchase. Star Blazers #0 is sort of a recap of what happened in the cartoon show. I saw a lot of the cartoon decades ago. This was way before Japanese animation was called anime. At least I do not recall hearing that word back when I watched Star Blazers. I did some research and found that Star Blazers was before anime was popularized. Please note there will be spoilers in this review.

The interesting thing to me about Star Blazers #0 is how human it is. The emotions within Star Blazers #0 are very deep and real. The crew is trying to save the Earth from the radiation that is destroying it. They must fight off aliens to get a device that will cleanse the planet. The captain is sick but does not want to relinquish control because he feels there is no worthy successor. That does eventually change over the course of the twenty-four pages within Star Blazers #0. After those pages of content we get special information, and then some advertisements. The ads are related to the franchise though.

Alex Wildstar disobeys the orders of the captain and stays back so the ship with more people can get out of there and survive. Derek Wildstar blames the captain for the death of his brother. Derek Wildstar does also not want to get romantically involved with a beautiful woman before he ships out for a year the very next morning. The captain keeps the disobedience of Alex Wildstar to himself. Let people think he sacrificed some lives to save so many more. He can shoulder that burden.

The art within Star Blazers #0 is weird. I am not used to the colors and whatnot. Some of it may have to do with the age of Star Blazers #0. It was published in March of 1995. Derek Wildstar gets the journals of the captain and that is where Star Blazers #0 gives us all kinds of recap. Star Blazers #0 also provides Derek Wildstar some perspective. The captain saw great things in him, and he was chosen as the successor. Derek Wildstar learns to live and winds up talking to the young lady who decides to wait for him.

I am curious what is left of this universe after they saved the Earth. Where will this comic go after Star Blazers #0? I know Derek Wildstar is commanding the Argos and going out into space. What is out there for them? I guess I will need to read this comic book some more to find out. Which means finding copies and being able to read them. Star Blazers #0 contains a lot of words and very little action. There is some mild violence here and there like explosions in space, someone getting hit in the head with a book and more.
- Paul


Graphics: 73%
Writing: 79%
Replay/Extras: 79%
Story: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 72%

System: Comic Book
Publisher: Argo Press
Author: Eldred, Lewis, Deschesne, Ott, Fellows
Rating: ‘NR’ for NOT RATED

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