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I was so excited when I saw Skate Bird in those different online events we performed FFG Reacts live streams to. Skate Bird is a skateboarding video game where we play as a bird. How cool is that? The bird can flap its wings and coast down slower. That works most of the time. I did have one concern related to Skate Bird. Most skateboarding video games are frustrating because they are way too hard. The easy settings are harder then the hardest settings of some other video games. Monster combos must be performed quickly to unlock the next level. I do not want to spend five years perfecting my skills to get past level one.

Thankfully we got Skate Bird for free through Xbox Game Pass. Since there are no physical copy versions of the game available in the USA, and the PR and Marketing firm failed us entirely; there was no other way we would get this game. Honestly we would not have missed much if we never played Skate Bird. You won’t miss this game if you never play it either. Poor camera angles and glitches as well as controls not always working is about all you would miss. It is cool to skate around as a bird for a few minutes.

The offensive music and bad language are the main problems with Skate Bird. Your bird will fall off his board and roll around really stiffly. There is a tutorial in Skate Bird if you need some assistance. What tricks can be done will pop up when you are close enough to actually do them. This is handy but also a bit distracting. There are items that can be collected in Skate Bird like clothing. Skate Bird is pretty hard and the controls do not help the player.

I love all of the customization in Skate Bird. It is neat to see all of the different birds, and attire we can put on the birds in Skate Bird. Just exploring these areas as a really small bird on a small board is pretty cool. We are given a short timer to complete all of the missions after having odd conversations with other birds in Skate Bird.

I wanted to like Skate Bird so badly. The issues with the controls was a real downer for me. I also am not a fan of the offensive lyrics in the music. Why was that needed? I turn off the music which means the game developer just wasted money on paying for those songs. More people would play Skate Bird if the bad music was not present.
- Paul


Graphics: 65%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: Nintendo Switch/PC/Xbox One
Publisher: Glass Bottom Games
Author: Glass Bottom Games
Rating: ‘T’ for THIRTEEN AND OLDER ONLY {Lyrics}

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