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Shredders is another Xbox Game Pass video game I was able to play recently. I even did two videos of Shredders that will be appearing on our website and video channels as resources allow. I was a bit surprised how interesting Shredders actually is. The controls take a bit to get used to. I was able to figure them out and usually get some things like jumps working pretty regularly. I did notice that it can be a pain to take some time off and try and get back into this game. For example if you forget how to jump then you will have problems doing the tricks.

Shredders looks pretty good. The character have masks on so their faces cannot be seen. I suspect this was a cost savings and time savings plan by the developer. We don't really need to see the characters faces while we play Shredders. I had no issues with the ski masks on the faces of the characters. Shredders even pokes a little fun at the wearing full masks in one of the cut scenes.

We have multiple different open areas in Shredders that have a decent amount of area available. We can go to different areas once we unlock them in the story mode. We find certain spots within an area in Shredders to progress the story. Each of these missions will require certain things to be performed by the player. Maybe you need to hold on while a snowmobile races you to the top. Maybe you need to get down to the bottom, or perform certain tricks.

The biggest issue families will have with Shredders is the bad language. It was really not needed. The dialogue within Shredders is a bit campy, cringey, and strange at times. These two guys are on a lame social media channel and want to make it big by doing videos of themselves doing sick tricks. They vandalize and destroy things in Shredders. They also break into areas and commit other crimes while they are on this quest in Shredders. I could have done without the whole crime element in Shredders personally.

Normally I am not into video games that force me to do all these different tricks. I did not mind it in Shredders because it was not oppressive. I could complete a mission and miss some of the side things. This means Shredders is much more approachable by casual gamers. Hardcore gamers can try and get all of the side missions completed if they want. Seven areas will give most families the bang for their buck in this snowboarding video game.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 60%
Replay: 85%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 69%

System: PC/Xbox Series X(tested)
Publisher: FoamPunch
Developer: FoamPunch
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY {Language}

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