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Savage Spider-Man #4 


It is neat to see Savage Spider-Man #4 starting to edge itself away from the cliff. With that being said there are still some major issues and problems. I am almost at the point where I would consider reading more issues after number five. As of right now I am pretty much done with this one. Please be aware that there will be spoilers in this review. Savage Spider-Man #4 picks up right where the last one left off.

We finally have a Spider-Man that is not dumb. He is human again and has a really cool red and black Spider-Man costume. He does start out in Savage Spider-Man #4 with no clothes on. He sounds more computer than human though. There are no jokes from Spider-Man in Savage Spider-Man #4. He is way less savage than before. Which is a good thing and it goes in the right direction. Spider-Man takes on Baron Zemo and The Immaculatum in Savage Spider-Man #4.

The issues families will have with Savage Spider-Man #4 are lack of attire, violence, religious teachings of evolution, and more. There are some hateful woke comments within Savage Spider-Man #4 as well. For me that is one of the bricks in the wall of why I should stop reading this comic book. I do not want to financially support that kind of radical far left ideology. You want to believe those things fine - I don't want them in my entertainment.

There are twenty pages of content within Savage Spider-Man #4. Ads can be found throughout the comic book and the end. I am bit baffled why the covers keep showing a Spider-Man monster when he is human again with intellect. The front cover from the next one shows the same thing. Is Savage Spider-Man coming back? Is that beast monster thing going to be the main character again? I really hope not because it was atrocious to read.

Peter Parker's previous mutation could impact the mutation that happens to him in this comic book series thanks to the A-Plus. The previously page in Savage Spider-Man #4 at the beginning is cool for those that are coming into this comic book for the first time. Savage Spider-Man #4 is so much more interesting than the past three issues in my personal opinion. The missiles have been sent off and Spider-Man is reprogramming them. What will the outcome be?
- Paul


Graphics: 61%
Writing: 65%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Story: 61%
Family Friendly Factor: 62%

System: Comic Book
Publisher: Marvel
Author: Kelly, Sandoval, Nava, Sotomayor
Rating: ‘T’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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