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Savage Spider-Man #3 


At this point in reading Savage Spider-Man I have already decided I am done once I get through issue #5. Savage Spider-Man #3 does actually improve a few things. Please be aware there will be spoilers in this review. Savage Spider-Man is having flashbacks and wanting to save people. In fact he disobeys Baron Zemo and saves people multiple times within Savage Spider-Man #3. Baron Zemo also orders him to kill certain other characters and Savage Spider-Man does not comply. This is a good thing.

Savage Spider-Man #3 has Baron Zemo torturing Savage Spider-Man multiple times with some kind of electrical shocks. Baron Zemo treats Savage Spider-Man like an animal in this comic book. There is plenty of blood and violence within Savage Spider-Man #3. There is also some lack of attire within Savage Spider-Man #3. The Immaculatum commit an atrocity in this city on normal people living out their lives. Baron Zemo winds up fighting against The Immaculatum in Savage Spider-Man #3. Baron Zemo uses the Savage Spider-Man to attack them.

Things take a really odd turn within Savage Spider-Man #3. After Baron Zemo kills one of The Immaculatum he then offers to join them. The remaining members of The Immaculatum accept his offer. He then leaves Savage Spider-Man to burn to death in Savage Spider-Man #3. I think Savage Spider-Man comes out of the ashes as a human again. That is not really clear at the end of Savage Spider-Man #3. The lack of logic of the characters makes no sense to me in Savage Spider-Man #3. They talk about one hundred years of peace.

Where things get even stranger in Savage Spider-Man #3 is Baron Zemo is supposedly a white supremacist. He is working with some minorities in The Immaculatum. They are happy to work with him as well. Baron Zemo even kills one of his trusty servants who raises objections about this new partnership. Baron Zemo must have some plan for this. To be honest it made little sense to me when I read Savage Spider-Man #3. It is like the writers lost all concept of characters and their motives.

Savage Spider-Man #3 improves a bit from the last issue. It has now reached the low levels of the first issue. Savage Spider-Man #3 has not done enough for me to want to continue to read after issue number five. Savage Spider-Man continues to express his hate for others. For me Savage Spider-Man #3 continues to be too dark. The poor police officer was put in a tough spot in Savage Spider-Man #3. Events from the past are references within Savage Spider-Man #3. I have no concept of where they came from though.
- Paul


Graphics: 59%
Writing: 64%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Story: 58%
Family Friendly Factor: 59%

System: Comic Book
Publisher: Marvel
Author: Kelly, Sandoval, Sotomayor
Rating: ‘T’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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