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Savage Spider-Man #1 


I am very thankful I had the money to purchase a copy of Savage Spider-Man #1. I knew absolutely nothing about this comic book. As I read Savage Spider-Man #1 I found out about this franchise. This seems to be some Spider-Man offshoot where a Spider-Man was infected with something that mutated him into a half-man and half-monster creature. There are plenty of ugly monsters within Savage Spider-Man #1. Savage Spider-Man #1 is also different from other comics I have been reading lately. There are ads throughout the comic book. Others hold all ads to the final pages.

I will admit right from the bat that Savage Spider-Man #1 does not impress me. There is plenty of violence, blood, threats, bad language, evolution and more. The art work in Savage Spider-Man #1 is okay at best. Since this Savage Spider-Man lost most of his intelligence do not expect any good dialogue. In fact Savage Spider-Man #1 feels like some older Hulk comic books. Current Hulk comic books have better dialogue than Savage Spider-Man #1.

Baron Zemo is a part of Savage Spider-Man #1. He actually tries to assist the Savage Spider-Man in this comic book. The lack of intelligence means the Savage Spider-Man thinks Baron Zemo is trying to steal his kills. It was quite the ugh moment in Savage Spider-Man #1. I am also a bit confused that this Savage Spider-Man had a daughter before he was mutated. There are some flash backs in Savage Spider-Man #1 and some odd group that is working behind the scenes.

I have already purchased a few more issues of Savage Spider-Man #1. I am thinking about giving it five issues to see if it can redeem itself. I can be patient that way. Plus it is always interesting to start reading a comic when it first starts out. Some of the early Marvel heroes did not really impress when they first came out either. There are twenty-one pages of Savage Spider-Man in this comic book. Some of the art spans two pages in Savage Spider-Man #1. This is something I always appreciate.

The end of Savage Spider-Man #1 has an interesting plot twist. The Savage Spider-Man can spit some webbing out of his face that is red. He can then control anyone who has this red webbing on their faces. It turns the other characters into drones or zombies. Which means Baron Zemo may be in trouble in Savage Spider-Man #2. I will find out when I get around to reading that issue. Marvel has really gone some strange direction in Savage Spider-Man #1.
- Paul


Graphics: 60%
Writing: 60%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Story: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Comic Book
Publisher: Marvel
Author: Kelly, Sandoval, Nava, Sotomayor
Rating: ‘T’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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