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Raid on Tricity Second Wave





Raid on Tricity Second Wave 


The Evercade VS is a system that just keeps on giving. Since we have the Atari Lynx Collection 1 and the Atari Lynx Collection 2 we are able to play and review Raid on Tricity Second Wave. Peter played Raid on Tricity Second Wave on one of our recent retro live streams. This is an interesting puzzle game with some unique twists on the action. The blocks drop and they can form lines horizontally to disappear. We can also shoot the blocks as they come down. Families must be fast and strategic while playing Raid on Tricity Second Wave.

Raid on Tricity Second Wave can be on the challenging side. There are different kinds of blocks within Raid on Tricity Second Wave. So you may have some normal gray ones and then some yellow and black with stripes, and so on. There are also certain blocks that will do wild and crazy things when you shoot them. The real kicker in Raid on Tricity Second Wave is you must shoot the blocks before they reach the bottom. Once they reach the bottom they are stuck there unless you can make them part of a horizontal line.

I think it is really neat that Yastuna Games is making retro video games in this day and age. This is something we wrote about in Family Friendly Gaming years ago. We have noticed more companies taking our advice and bringing cool products like Raid on Tricity Second Wave to the marketplace. There is also a physical copy version of Raid on Tricity Second Wave available on the Atari Lynx. That is really cool.

The music is fantastic in Raid on Tricity Second Wave. The graphics are okay. They look a bit old and dated but they are on an older hand held system. Raid on Tricity Second Wave does actually play on that system so I comprehend the graphics should not look like modern video games. The technology was not there. There is some mild violent content as we are blowing away the different blocks. Some will explode and take out other blocks.

I played Raid on Tricity Second Wave after Peter live streamed it and was generally impressed. The idea behind Raid on Tricity Second Wave is interesting. The strategy required to survive for very long in Raid on Tricity Second Wave can be challenging. Especially when we do not have a lot of time to make a decision on the small screen. Still all in all Raid on Tricity Second Wave is worth the price of admissions.
- Paul


Graphics: 65%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: Atari Lynx/Evercade
Publisher: Yastuna Games
Developer: Yastuna Games
Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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