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Power Pack (2020) #5





Power Pack (2020) #5 


I am so thankful to be done with the Power Pack (2020). There will be spoilers in this review. Power Pack (2020) #5 wraps things up nicely even though they do not make a lot of sense. The Power Pack with Wolverine pretend to get into a fight where the kids still have their powers. It is a huge bluff. One that they hope The Wizard will catch by watching television. The thought is The Wizard will want whatever powers they have left and try and steal them again.

Everything goes according to plan. The Wizard tries to steal their powers and somehow their powers are returned to them. This could have only happened if all six wires were snipped. Somehow Wolverine did this and The Wizard never noticed. I am a bit fuzzy on that part. In fact it did not make much sense to me how six claws could get six wires at the same time in six different locations. Alas I am not going to worry about it because I am done with Power Pack (2020) #5.

The issues families will have with Power Pack (2020) #5 are violence, sexual deviancy, nastiness, meanness, and more. Power Pack (2020) #5 contains some of the liberal agenda, propaganda, and brainwashing garbage. The kids decide to give poor people electricity by using their powers to power these machines. They also use The Wizard's robot to pretend to be Agent Aether. That way they have a mentor and can circumvent the law. My experience with liberals in my life is they disobey whatever they want to.

The kindergarten recap continued in Power Pack (2020) #5. The art style is still too fuzzy for my tastes. The lack of logic and cohesion within Power Pack (2020) #5 is very disappointing. The storyline within Power Pack (2020) #5 felt really lazy too. The one shining moment in Power Pack (2020) #5 is when the kids claim the comic book is their way of telling their parents about their powers.

The kids getting their powers back was pretty expected. Pretending to have powers and drawing out the villain is actually a decent idea. I also like the idea of tricking the villain into giving the powers back. I also like how Power Pack (2020) #5 gives a shout out to professional wrestling. The whole making a YouTube channel and getting immediately popular was such a cringe moment. Especially with how YouTube treats many of us like slave labor.
- Paul


Graphics: 59%
Writing: 56%
Replay/Extras: 59%
Story: 58%
Family Friendly Factor: 59%

System: Marvel Unlimited
Publisher: Marvel
Author: North, Leon, Andolfo
Rating: ‘T+’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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