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Power Pack (2020) #4





Power Pack (2020) #4 


I am continuing my exploration of the Power Pack (2020) with Power Pack (2020) #4. The kids have no more powers. They must come up with a plan to get them back. They seek the help of Wolverine who shows up at their house to help them plan. Of course they and Logan lie to the parents about who he is and what he is doing there. There is something so wrong about kids lying to their parents. Especially when the child’s behavior could get them killed for the choices they are making.

The kindergarten art recap continues within Power Pack (2020) #4. There is all this lame dialogue about streaming their battles and going viral in Power Pack (2020) #4. I could see some kids having that kind of a cringe reaction to life. Thing that many of them never acknowledge or realize is that very few make it to the top. There are many more that flounder at the bottom like this comic book series. The dialogue was just bad in Power Pack (2020) #4.

The heroes expose their own arrogance within Power Pack (2020) #4. The tantrum for losing in Power Pack (2020) #4 reminds me of how liberals react every single time something does not go their way. I am sure the writer(s) of Power Pack (2020) #4 are just showing what they know and how they behave. It makes perfect sense. They write themselves into these characters. Instead of expanding their horizons and writing characters different from themselves.

There are attacks on adults yet again in Power Pack (2020) #4. Complaints can be found in Power Pack (2020) #4 that kids should be able to do whatever they want. Never mind the science that the brains are not fully and properly developed until the age of twenty-five. Then we can hope good and sound judgment will be used. We have all met some over that age that probably have not finished developing or damaged that development with unhealthy substances.

The good news for me is there is only one more issue of this series left. Power Pack (2020) #4 was a bit on the tame side compared to some of the previous issues. They were still able to cram in some garbage that will offend a great many people. Power Pack (2020) #4 shows why the radical far left propaganda preaching is not resonating with a great many people. The values and priorities are the opposite of most everyone I know.
- Paul


Graphics: 59%
Writing: 59%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Story: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%

System: Marvel Unlimited
Publisher: Marvel
Author: North, Leon, Garron
Rating: ‘T+’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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