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Power Pack (2020) #3





Power Pack (2020) #3 


I am very thankful we have three free months of Marvel Unlimited. Because of that I have been able to read and review Power Pack (2020) #3. If you read my previous reviews of Power Pack (2020) then you know it was recommended to me by a website that claimed it was kid friendly. I have learned that website is not exactly connect with reality. Power Pack (2020) #3 continues all of the same problems from the previous issues. Why do we need a reference to a certain divisive and highly controversial topic every single issue? It is like a certain box has to be ticked off with every single comic in this franchise.

Power Pack (2020) #3 continues the kindergarten artwork for the recap. Then we get slightly better art to tell us the story. The kids are working with their mentor on providing clean energy to people that need it. Or so they have been told by their mentor Agent Aether. There will be spoilers in this review. Agent Aether is actually The Wizard. He has been siphoning off the power of these kids and giving it to himself. The Wizard also reveals himself in Power Pack (2020) #3.

The issues families will have with Power Pack (2020) #3 are violence, language, lying, bickering, promotion of sexual deviancy and more. Power Pack (2020) #3 brow beats the reader about clean and renewable energy. The whole argument that kids should be able to do whatever they want and not be guided by parents is nauseating in Power Pack (2020) #3. To me Power Pack (2020) #3 feels like part of the radical far left’s war on parents. Why is that needed in entertainment? Are they trying to be divisive and highly controversial?

The Wizard exposes how gullible The Power Pack is in Power Pack (2020) #3. I saw that coming from a mile away. The kids are losing their powers while using their powers on a machine for The Wizard. I wonder if there is a connection. Power Pack (2020) #3 lets us know what it thinks of the law. In other words Power Pack (2020) #3 hates the law and wants to disobey it. Even though they really have no good reason for it.

The Power Pack got pretty lucky fighting a villain in Power Pack (2020) #3. They wind up getting caught by The Wizard. I wish the story tried a little harder to be somewhat interesting. I guess we get bland story telling because they are trying to shove in all the radical far left propaganda. Not that anyone has asked but I have given ideas on how to make things better in our world over and over again.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Writing: 60%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Story: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Marvel Unlimited
Publisher: Marvel
Author: North, Leon, Gomez
Rating: ‘T+’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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