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Power Pack (2020) #2 


My impression of Marvel and Power Pack continues to drop as I read through Power Pack (2020) #2 on Marvel Unlimited. We get the kindergarten artwork as a recap again in Power Pack (2020) #2. Who thought this was a good idea? It is just painful to look at in my personal opinion. Then we get into the normal artwork of the comic book which is a bit too blurry for my tastes. Do you like that art style? I am curious because there might be someone who is into that. I have heard of stranger things.

I am beginning to see why Power Pack (2020) #2 did not last very long. There is just too much radical far left extremism in Power Pack (2020) #2. The kids almost get arrested because they do not have a mentor. Kamala’s law states underage super heroes must have a mentor to go out into the world and stop crime. Power Pack (2020) #2 has a deep undertone that kids should be able to do what they want without parental supervision. Nothing ever went wrong with kids running around with no adult supervision right?

The issues families will have with Power Pack (2020) #2 are violence, attacks on adults, promotion of sexual deviancy, attacks on men, and more. Agent Aether is introduced in Power Pack (2020) #2. He is supposed to be some major super hero that offers to mentor the kids. There will be spoilers in this review. The kids politely thank him, and take his card. They go around to all these different super heroes to find a mentor. They wind up right back with Agent Aether.

We find out at the end of Power Pack (2020) #2 that Agent Aether is actually The Wizard and he set up all of this. He used a robot to pretend to be the bad guy. What is The Wizard’s master plan? Not really sure yet. He has the Power Pack working on some renewal energy thing. Power Pack (2020) #2 actually takes time to promote this idea, and educate the reader as to why this is a good thing. No downsides, or other side is given in this purely political and one sided discussion.

There are so many cringe moments within Power Pack (2020) #2. It was honestly exhausted to read the pure propaganda shoved down our throats in Power Pack (2020) #2. Many of us like to be entertained and get away from all of these politics. We do not need or want radical far left brainwashing in our entertainment. Power Pack (2020) #2 fails families in this in almost every single regard. No wonder there are zealots out there preaching the environmental doom and gloom. They had garbage go into their brains and now garbage is coming out.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Writing: 60%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Story: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Marvel Unlimited
Publisher: Marvel
Author: North, Leon, Caselli
Rating: ‘T+’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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