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Ninja Golf 


Another game I was able to play thanks to the Atari Collection 1 was Ninja Golf. This is one of the most interesting Atari 7800 video games I have ever played. It makes me regret the Atari 7800 did not succeed back in the day. Atari was trying some interesting, new and cool things. There are three main things we do in Ninja Golf. The first is swing the club and hit the ball. The second is to run along a 2D side scrolling area to where the ball landed. The third is to fight off a fireball spewing dragon.

It took me a bit to figure out how the controls worked in the golfing portion of Ninja Golf in regards to aiming. Hitting the ball is pretty easy. As we run along the golf course we run into a plethora of different enemies. This is where Ninja Golf has some mild violence. The enemies poof out of existence when we hit them. We can also throw ninja stars at them. Although the ninja stars are what we really need when we get to the hole and must fight the dragon.

Graphically Ninja Golf impressed me. The nicest graphics in Ninja Golf are when we are fighting that dragon because it is done in 3D. We can only move left and right, but it still looks nice with some 3D graphics. Ninja Golf is a bit on the challenging side. Players need to keep moving if they want to stay alive. Players have a health bar that will deplete if you take any hits. The fireballs from the dragon can be a real pain too.

Musically Ninja Golf is lacking. There are special effect sounds when we run, punch enemies, hit the ball and more. Ninja Golf is missing some interesting background music. Without those special effect sounds Ninja Golf is pretty quiet. I understand that ninjas want to be stealthy and all, but a video game needs some music in it. The biggest pain in Ninja Golf are the golfers that throw small projectiles at us really low.

Ninja Golf adds a different little wrinkle to golfing. Out of all of the golfing video games I have played in my life Ninja Golf is the one that stands out the most. This video game does not contain the best golf experience. The whole running to the ball and fighting dragons is what makes Ninja Golf stand out for me. Ninja Golf is quite the experience. I hope the Evercade continues to get more Atari 7800 video games on it.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 72%

System: Atari 7800/Evercade
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Blue Sky Software
Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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