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My Little Pony #1 


As we have been exploring local comic book stores Peter noticed My Little Pony #1. Peter knows that I enjoy the first edition of any halfway decent comic book. Peter also knows My Little Pony is generally more family friendly than a lot of the comic books we have found thus far. I was all over purchasing My Little Pony #1 for a review. Right after reading My Little Pony #1 I know I had to get going on a review as soon as possible. I want to work in some good comic books that families can purchase for their kids. My Little Pony #1 is pretty good on multiple fronts.

Please be aware that there will be spoilers in this review. The story line in My Little Pony #1 feels familiar. I think I played a video game with a similar concept of the magic glitching out on the ponies. My Little Pony #1 has that happen. There is a daring rescue of a pony who is falling from the sky because their magic went out when they were up in the air. That would be a serious problem to have in this magical world. The magic is really the only issue I can see families having with My Little Pony #1. Flying and using telekinesis are the two main powers I noticed in My Little Pony #1.

My Little Pony #1 is twenty pages long with the cover to the next issue, then alternate covers, and finally some very interesting advertisements for other comic books. The Sonic the Hedgehog was especially interesting to me personally. The artwork is crisp and clean in My Little Pony #1. I actually enjoying noticing some of the things they did. Like having two boxes on a line and then art in the middle that slightly overlapped. These little artistic touches stick out for someone like me who has done magazine design for many years.

My Little Pony #1 has humor in it that parents and kids can enjoy. Some of the ponies get irritated with one another. They are still working together for a common goal. My Little Pony #1 teaches some good lessons like lead with love, and do not let others feel less than you. I was recently reading about how Jesus Christ washed the feet of his disciples. He taught them a similar lesson in serving others is the right path in life. My Little Pony #1 echoes that slightly and it is great to see. The colors are very bright and vibrant in My Little Pony #1.

There is a very shocking twist ending in My Little Pony #1. Izzy finds a run down Canterlot that looks abandoned. There are holes in the roofs of the buildings, and vegetation growing up the buildings. I am very curious to see where this story will go after My Little Pony #1. I am also curious who stole this gem and what their motive was. My Little Pony #1 does enough to keep the reader interested in coming back for more. My Little Pony #1 impressed me and is the highest scoring comic book we have reviewed at this point in time.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Writing: 90%
Replay/Extras: 88%
Story: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 87%

System: Comic Book
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Author: Bronfman, Mebberson, Breckel
Rating: ‘NR’ for Not Rated

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